Poverty in Balochistan


Nasram Naseem
The incidence of poverty in Balochistan is higher than the other provinces. Despite the fact that it is endowed with gas coal and other natural resources, yet it is the poorest province of Pakistan. The poverty rate of Balochistan has increased from 40% to 68% during the three months lockdown the number of people on the poverty line were initially 800,000. Poverty in the province can be the caused for several factors, for instance illitrecy education and low human capital. The backwardness can supreme the province. The people have run out of the facilities and job opportunities. Law and order have also aggravated the province with poverty nonetheless poverty has affected the whole sector of the province but no stern action has been taken by the government of Pakistan. The people in balochistan are facing devastating concequences and are even deprived of their basic needs for the present government the aggravateing poverty should be the major challenge. It must take step for supporting the reducing their vulnerability and saving them from disasters. To sum up, I request the government that steps are needed to be taken to stimulate coordinated actions against all these super fallacious hurdles which the baloch and balochistan is facing. we will be very thankful to you.