Independent journalism needs strong judiciary, says CJ Ghulam Mustafa


Muzaffarabad,    (Parliament Times)  : Former Chief Justice of Azad Kashmir High Court and recently retired senior judge of Azad Kashmir Supreme Court Justice Ghulam Mustafa Mughal has said that the people of Azad Kashmir have paid bid me farewell with love and sincerity after my retirement. He said that I will never forget the honor. He expressed such views while addressing a reception in his honor hosted by the elders of his neighborhood Central Plate. As soon as former Chief Justice Mustafa Mughal arrived at the reception venue. The people of the area greeted him by showering him with flower petals. Former Chief Justice Ghulam Mustafa Mughal said that the position and authority are something that come and go. In fact, the character lives on as long as it is on the bench of justice. He said that 30% of advocacy cases were fought for free by the poor who were on the right side. God honored me with their prayers. I always say this to the lawyers. Central Bar Association President Nasir Mughal said that Justice Mustafa Mughal is one of the judges in the judicial history of Azad Kashmir during whose tenure major decisions were made. Young lawyers have learned a lot from him. Meanwhile, Retired Secretary PPH Sharif Dar, Host Sajjad Jagwal, Rafaqat Usmani, Social Leader Ilyas Awan, Fazal Mehmood Baig Advocate, Central President of Union of Journalists Saeed-Ur-Rehman Siddiqui, Former Secretary of Press Club Zulfiqar Butt and Senior Journalist Shehzad were present on the occasion. Naseer Mughal, Amjad Jagwal, and Hafiz Saeed Jagwal in their speeches said that both media and judiciary are important to each other. Independent journalism in Azad Kashmir is not possible without strong judiciary as the people bid farewell to Justice Mustafa Mughal with warmth and love. What is the proof that the common man was happy with them because those who left are rarely remembered? He was the guardian of the poor and the messenger of justice. The people of the area have witnessed his good character and the upbringing of the poor from the very beginning.