A Visit To Thar


Imtiaz Brohi
The city of Sindh “Thar” which is neglected by the government. They do not even have basic needs. When first time I visited the Thar I became astonished to see that poor condition of people. No facility was available with them. No good hotel I saw there where one could stay with his or her family. They were suffering from many problems. Like shortage of water, lack of knowledge and education, lack of resources, lack of awareness and lack of hospitals and other educational institutions. Even there were no more places for visiting. I felt tragic when I saw those small babies who were crying for water and facilities. Even there was no good carpet on which they could sleep. Government is not attentive and does not pay attention to poor citizens. Afterwards when we were travelling I saw that rainwater was standing there in lands which rained a few weeks ago. There were no good shops and mostly there were homes made up of wood. I ask what is the fault of those children who have no education no, any awareness and no any purpose of life. Government must look and care about them. They must be given facilities that they deserve.