KVI seeks resumption of dialogue to resolve K-dispute



London: Kashmir Voice International (KVI) on Friday stressed the need for early resumption of dialogue to resolve the Kashmir dispute peacefully.

A statement issued after having a virtual meeting the KVI expressed serious concern over the deteriorating political and human rights situation in occupied Kashmir. “What is needed is to initiate a dialogue with Kashmiris and understand their aspirations”, the statement said, adding that there was no option but to discontinue the policy of repression to create a conducive atmosphere for a negotiated settlement and solution acceptable to Kashmiris.

Participants of the meeting also discussed the prospects of uniting Valley Diaspora in the UK. “It was felt that a large section of Indian population are friendly and sympathetic to the cause of Kashmir but many lack awareness of the position in which Kashmiris are placed. It is therefore necessary to explore the right measures to reach Indian public, increase their awareness and strengthen the support base”, the statement further said.

The KVI demanded restoration of fundamental freedoms in Kashmir including peoples’ right to peaceful political activities, the freedom of speech and expression and right to assembly. The meeting also demanded release of political prisoners and resumption of dialogue with Kashmiris to find out a solution respecting their aspirations. “ All gag on the media should be removed and the right to free flow of ideas revived”, the statement added.