Transgender Rights


Recently, the US President Joe Biden has ordered the lifting of a ban on the recruitment of transgender people into the military. Same order was issued by the then President of the US Barack Obama as he allowed eunuchs to join the military and provided them with medical treatment to fit their identities in 2016. Former President Donald Trump later banned the recruitment of eunuchs into the military and allowed eunuchs who had already been recruited to continue working. If looking at the constitutional history of the US, this country is Secular. This step of a Non-muslim country striving for the rights of Transgenders is highly appreciated. But, what has been happening across Pakistan? Looking at the history of eunuchs in Pakistan, one gets the impression that they are not considered worthy of any work other than a few specific tasks such as dancing, singing and begging. All the institutions of a country reflect the society. Political Participation of Transgender in Pakistan is considered a big embarassment in the eyes of some less educated people. Even so, advertisements of jobs are named under the quota for persons with disabilities. But, the eunuch’s name does not appear in any account. Generally, in Pakistani departments, a female candidate is preferred over an eunuch. The example is clear. The first eunuch anchor person was fired six months later, while the contract of the first eunuch officer working in a UN project was not extended a year later. The Government must chalk out a strategy to resolve Transgenders issues. Even, they are not allowed to join the Journalism field just because of descrimintion factors. Departments should allow transgender people who want to serve in any federal and provincial department and who meet the criteria to be able to work freely and without discrimination. At least, a Muslim state should protect all kind of genders rights.