Ease Of Doing Business Cell a cornerstone of business cycle: BIB


QUETTA,   (Parliament Times) :  Farman Zarkoon, Chief Executive Officer of Balochistan Investment Board (BIB) has said that Chief Minister Jam Kamal has full patronage for the promotion of investment in Balochistan. The establishment of Ease of Doing Business Cell is a revolutionary initiative through which all facilities and information are being provided to the business class under one umbrella. In a statement, the CEO said that for the first time in the history of Balochistan, an investment policy has been formulated which would prove to be a milestone in giving a new direction to investment in the province. He said people can expand business to Balochistan by taking advantage. Online business registration through the Ease of Doing Business Cell, payment of taxes, NOC, land lease and obtaining documents from various departments are now under one window operation. It will be possible in days instead of months. Besides, all the information has been provided on the website of Balochistan Investment Guide and Balochistan Board of Investment. “Balochistan Board of Investment is committed to provide facilities to investors and business community”, he added. For the first time, the hidden mineral wealth of the province is being fully utilized, the investment opportunities in the province are being exposed to the world, the confidence of investors and the business community is being restored. He concluded that people have been provided a platform called Balochistan Investment Board which has the answers to all the questions of the investors and has provided a business friendly environment by removing all kinds of obstacles.