Hunting of endangered birds, deer get underway in Jamshoro and Thatta


By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja
Thatta:Unabated Hunting of Endangered birds and deers has got underway in the different areas of Thatta and Jamshoro. Deers are found in the Jamshoro region while migratory birds arrive here at Keenjhar and Haleji every year during the winter season.
In this regard sources said that; Hunters had set up their tents near Rani-Kot to hunt deers and other endangered birds. It was learnt by this correspondent that around a decade ago the number of migratory birds arriving on the shores of Keenjhar and Haleji was in millions but now that number has reduced to few thousands owing to changing atmosphere and unabated hunting.
Criticizing the attitude of Wildlife officials towards the issue members of civil society said that the concerned officials have turned the deaf ear over the issue and they warned of holding protest if the action was not taken against those who were pushing the endangered birds and deers to extinction