Corona Unemployment

  1. It is said that Unemployment is no less than a disability. According to some private statistics, 67% people lost their jobs in agriculture, 83% in construction, 27% in food, 87% in transportation, 31% in wholesale, 94% lost their jobs in other sectors in the first wave of Corona. And Where? Only in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It means, The unemployment rate of employment-related citizens has risen from 27% to 34%. The Burns and Labor survey, conducted in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program and the British Aid Agency, found that 70 per cent of the province has lost its jobs in April during the first wave of Corona, while 31 per cent lost their jobs in August during the second wave. The second wave of Corona in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has left 31 per cent of the urban population jobless, with the construction sector in the province hardest hit, with 60 percent of daily wage workers losing their jobs. Unemployment has risen in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during the second wave of the coronavirus, with the construction sector hit the hardest in the province, followed by the transport sector. What kind of unemployment one can consider due to Corona? For example, there are different types of employment; Artificial unemployment, Seasonal unemployment, Unemployment of modern technology, hidden Unemployment. It seems as though the problems of Muslims are more visible than those of other nations in the country, mainly due to poverty and lack of education. There is no precedent for the number of people who have lost their jobs in two years and the number of households whose stoves have gone cold. Thousands of people have lost their jobs not only in government institutions but also in government sectors due to government policies. From above, those who protest after losing their jobs are beaten with sticks. People are saying that the economy is being affected by Corona, but the fact is that long before Corona, the economy was in a downward spiral