Drying ponds give rise to acute water crisis in Sujawal


By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Sujawal: Drying ponds of the town have given rise to water scarcity in the town. Ponds entrenched in the past are now incapacitated to satisfy the needs of the town, the population of which is escalating with every passing day. Sharing their ordeal citizens said that; Every year the residents of Sujawal district have had to face acute water crisis during the annual closure of the canals of Kotori barrage for desilting, repair, and maintenance work.
They further said that; Before the closure of canals, the district administration took no steps to ensure the supply of water to them during that period.
Owing to the prevailing water crisis the well-off citizens procure water while the poor have to walk long distances to fetch water.
“It is not necessary for us that water is contaminated or clean, we just want to satisfy our need”; Said a young boy who was carrying water buckets on his donkey cart for his family.
The citizens have demanded enhancing the capacity of ponds constructed for storage of water and urged that the higher authorities take effective measures for the supply of water to the town during the closure of canals