BPSC announces Junior Specter BPS-17 Results


QUETTA,  (Parliament Times) : According to a press release issued by Secretary Balochistan Public Service Commission, Online MCQs tests were conducted on 21 January for the posts of Junior Specter of Mines and Mines Safety Engineer BPS-17 of Mines and Mineral Development Department. Roll No. 5353 Inayatullah son of Karim Bakhsh, Roll No. 5359 Mohammad Alam son of Mohammad Ishaq, Roll No. 5361 Shafiq Ahmed son of Abdul Khaliq, Roll No. 5362 ShahHaq Kaleem son of Kaleemullah, Roll No. 5365 Zia-Ul-Fateh son of Haji Sher Mohammad, Roll No. 5366 Zubair Ahmed son of Sakhi Dad has been declared successful for the oral examinatio Meanwhile, Roll No. 5301 Aimal Khan son of Haji Niaz Mohammad, Roll No. 5306 Hazrat Ali son of Sher Ali, Roll No. 5312 Masood Ahmed son of Muhammad Sharif Ghulam, Haider Roll No. 5314 Mohammad Akbar son of Barak Khan, Roll No. 5316 Mohammad Qasim son of Zardad Khan, Roll No. 5317 Naseem Hidayat son of Hidayatullah, Roll No. 5319 Roshan Khan son of Ahmad Nawaz Roll No. 5321 Shah Haq Kaleem son of Kaleemullah and Roll No. 5324 Zubair Ahmed son of Sakhi Dad

have been declared successful for the post of Mines Safety Engineer. In addition, successful candidates are asked to submit their application form along with the certified papers within 15 days. Incomplete applications and unverified papers will be considered non-serious attempts immediately. The press release directed that If unsuccessful candidates want to get DMC or recount their leaflets, they can also contact the commission within a month after which no application will be considered.