The Crucial Climate Conference


Fatima Imam Bakhsh
In November 2021, world leaders will gather in Glasgow for the successor to the historic 2015 Paris Summit. Paris was important because it was the first time that all the nations of the world came together unanimously, they all need to deal with this problem. The problem was that the countries’ commitments to reduce carbon emissions fell short of the goals set by the conference. In Paris, the world agreed to avoid the worst effects of climate change by the end of the century in an effort to limit global warming to 2C industrial levels. The goal was to maintain a height of 1.5C if possible. We are out of the way. On current projects, the world is expected to break the 1.5C maximum in 12 years or less and raise the temperature to 3C by the end of the century. Under the terms of the Paris Agreement, countries pledged to return every five years and increase their carbon-cutting intentions. This was to happen in November 2020 in Glasgow. The epidemic paid off and the conference was postponed for this year. Therefore, Glasgow 2021 provides us with a forum on which these carbon cuts can be raised.


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