Police Violence


Yesterday, The Patrolling Officers killed a young and injured three people when they did not stop the car at Djikot Check Post In Faisalabad. Cruel Officers allegedly opened fire on the car occupants. Prior to this incident, Motorcycle thief police officers were revealed in City Shakargarh police station who have also set up a gang of women who blackmailed innocent citizens to make money. Prior to it, a few police officers from a police station in Qila Gujar Singh police circle broke into a Quran teaching institution affiliated to the Federation of Madrassas under the name of “Corona SOPs”. They continued to shoot videos of innocent children after that the teachers were taken to the police station. A senior court reporter of a private channel called the SHO who dormantly said that he was at rest and did not know about the incident. Why has it become impossible to correct “QIBLA” of so-called protectors of the nation? Two kinds of Police have downtrodden the country into fire: The black sheep of the police are the ones who openly commit corruption and involved in serious crimes. The White Sheep ones who “secretly” corrupt with a vision which black sheep don’t have at all. Both are unafraid of the accountability and society just because of the UNIFORM. Deliberately killing innocent lives, children and civiliana has become a trend of POLICE. Besides, corruption and all other offending practices are considered as usual in this POLICE Sector. They work with bribes, because they know that if they don’t work with bribes, they will suffer. In fact, they are not afraid of being discredited except this will reduce their “haraam sustenance”. Scandals of Faisalabad, Shakargarh City and other Police Station are not common. Involvement of three or four officers of a police station in serious crimes is really alarming the situation. Transparent investigation of the cases and true reforms are required at all.