PDM, a bunch of eleven parties has no ideology: Tahir Sadiq

ATTOCK:MNA Major Tahir Sadiq is addressing a large gathering in Kot Chajji village.Photo by Ghulam Shabbir 03005199756

ATTOCK (Report Ghulam Shabbir) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Member National Assembly Major (retd) Tahir Sadiq said that PDM is a marble of eleven parties which have neither culture nor ideology. These people are against Prime Minister Imran Khan. They have come together because they think that maybe people will get fed up with inflation and rise up against the government. I am repeatedly asking the government to restore their writ. The government’s writ should be seen and such people should be included in the cabinet. He said that the country could not move in the right direction with the help of Lagdar advisers. He said this while addressing a large gathering in Kot Chhajji village. He said that we will not put up fake plaques but will put up plaques of our opponents. Has obstructed our way to solve the people’s problems. All the political opponents including Nawaz League, PPP and PTI have come together and decided that Major Tahir should not be allowed to walk. Forget that when Imran Khan was stuck, I said that I only enjoy when I am at home, when I cross the opposition and go ahead. So I enjoy it. They said add five or six more ministers. I challenge them that they can’t do a single job. We were promised two seats. When we won both the seats, we were told in the by-elections. That a seat should be given to Lagdar constituency 55. We said that there are some herdsmen who should give it to them. We have worked hard in Attock. We have solved the problems of the people. We were silent that the new party has come to fight for the seat is not appropriate then they were told that you should not contact Major Tahir and brother when the national and provincial governments are yours then Major Tahir is not needed Rejecting this decision, the people gave a hate vote to Malik Sohail Khan who won by a landslide and within a month the graph of PTI went down. He said that no officer in our government dared to take bribe. We did not demand that we provide justice to the people at their doorsteps and solve their problems. We are not with the fact that Wazi Despite the clear direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan, merit was ignored. Now Major Tahir will tell you what merit is and soon Major change will come. I believe that you should not be afraid of these lads. I say that if we talk about democracy, then hold elections within the party and accept the one who has won. Lagdar of NA-55 has given a party post to his personal employee. NA-56 is my home. The people of Jand are lovers. There is no such thing as a good deed. Whatever happens to your welfare will be done by my hands insha’Allah and it will be done for the welfare of your descendants. He said that my opposition to becoming Chief Minister was also opposed because they were in danger. That Major Tahir will eat us politically. I have confidence and trust in my caste and ability. I understand that the local government system is a lame system. The district and union councils have been abolished. I ask, brother, what do you want to do in the district? If C is to be installed, how will you run the system? Why are you afraid? Prime Minister Imran Khan gave such a system to the people He said that this cricket ground was started by MPA Jahangir Khanzada but his government was overthrown by Malik Jamshed Ataf. He said that MPA has brought funds of Rs 2.5 crore and we will also cooperate for this cricket stadium. He said that PML-N had ruthlessly looted the country and even if they had eaten gold bars, they could not have destroyed it for many generations. Today the country and the people are suffering the consequences. I ask the government to get rid of this stench but also show its performance. Control the inflation and provide relief to the people. PML-N leadership attacked the forces of Pakistan. The region is standing with its army. The army has made sacrifices for the sake of the country. Nawaz Sharif was also brought by General Jilani. Why do they forget that? Why do you forget that the nation will not tolerate a single word against the army? Provided security to the country, if the army is harmed, it will be a bad loss to Pakistan and India wants Pakistan’s army He said that it was Nawaz Sharif who brought Modi from Afghanistan to Pakistan without a visa and no government official was present at the meeting and now he is sitting outside with India against the country. You are making conspiracies as long as there are Pakistani forces. There can be no fire on Pakistan. He said that such parties do not run. The party runs on the demands of justice and our name is Tehreek-e-Insaf. We will talk about justice inside. Earlier, Major Tahir Sadiq was brought to the venue in the form of a large procession and a ladi was presented to the tune of drums.