Drug Addiction: Causes & Effects


Mubarak Baluch Sajidi
Anything which effects human beings psychologically and physically is known as drug. The common drugs which are being used by people are: cigarette, heroin, nicotine, cannabis, pain relievers, etc. Drugs are being used typically by children, teenagers, and men or women. Each day, the number of adductor and drug abusers are being cumulative and hundreds of people are being destroyed by using drugs. There are many reasons of causing drugs; many people confront failure in running their lives or getting happiness so they start using drugs. Students use drugs when they get few numbers or fail in studies. They reckon that they have been pulled down, and they only dig up this way for themselves. Some children are not allowed to go to their professions, so they use drugs such as heroine, alcohol or cigar in case of being worried. Lots of teenagers use drug abuse after love rejections. Many of them fail in  business so, they use drugs for forgetting what had happened. There are students who use drugs for not feeling sleepy during studies. Some people are unemployed, so they become depressed and use drugs for getting off from worrying. There are lots of problems in relationships so; people cannot bear the difficulties and start using drugs. Bad friends are one of the spreaders of drugs. Many friends invite their colleague to come for a party or gathering and they drink alcohol or smoke cigar. Few months ago, a young boy in Turbat drank wine with his friends and got raped by his own friends and then blackmailed by the same friends then he committed suicide. Recently, seven boys in the age of 6-8, were sitting in street in Hub, Lasbela, forcing their friends for smoking. Two days ago, a cannabis addicted man said about his problem, “when I was 10 years old, one of my best friends told me to smoke and I did it willingly without any fear. When I was twenty, I had a good friend, and he told me to take cannabis with him and I could not say him no.” Many times, celebrations become a cause of increasing the rate of adduction. People drink alcohol or take other drugs when they have enough money and get addicted, destroy their earnings and get poorer and poorer. It also often spreads due to family members in a home. Many people use cigar, heroin and when they marry, their children become affected genetically. Recently, there is chance of their children to use drugs. Secondly, children become addicted when they see their father, brother, mother or any family member who is smoking or drinking alcohol. There is lack of health education during childhood. There are no counselling classes to teach them that how drugs are injurious to health. Furthermore, most of the drug user are teenagers who are careless about their health and these are the people who spread addiction quite often. The rate of rising drugs is increasing the rate of drug adductors. People who sell drugs such as cocaine or heroin have power from elite clan and no one can talk against them. As a result, they can easily deliver the drugs, and it makes the people more interested taking drugs. The drugs root from Afghanistan to Pakistan can easily be supplied to Baluchistan and KPK that’s why these areas’ people use more drugs than any other areas. Drugs cause many physical diseases. People use drugs and become affected by AIDs which destroys immunity system and makes people ready to count their days. Another big effect of drugs is cancer. There are different type diseases of cancer such as brain cancer, heart cancer, lung cancer and others which should be treated early otherwise, many of them can die. Many people don’t have money for treatment, so they long to die. Apart from physical illnesses, there are also mental diseases. When people use drugs, it affects their minds then brain sends signals to take drug again and again. Secondly, it effects their judgment. They cannot know the goodness and badness. Thirdly, they can’t make decision easily; for example, when they have to do something, they take time to make decision. Their learning ability becomes weak. Lastly, they become depressive and anxious. Their lives are being devastated by using drugs. When they take drugs, they cannot work properly. Companies or other work places refuse to take them for working because of taking drugs. They often start selling things  all over world including Pakistan, from higher study classes to nursery and play group as well. All government and non-government institutions took trial on taking classes online. It was happiness for some students that they don’t need to wake up early in the morning by disturbing their sleep and rush to their institutions, but just switch on their mobile phones or laptops and click on the link and attend the class. You just need a smart phone a good connection to internet, a set of hands free, an internet package which costs approximately of three hundred rupees weekly, and a non-disturbing environment at your home for a class with duration of minimum forty minutes to may be one and half hour. After that you can easily attend your lecture on zoom according to your comfort. You don’t have to spend money on buying books which costs high just get them in PDF format. This online system of classes costs a lot of efforts from every one participating, our parents, our teachers, our students and of course the networking companies that were very busy in transmitting our messages. The highly paid institutions did not only started online classes but the institutions which were weak financially, or had not a very good system to lead also had to introduce online classing to their students. It is quite fine and enjoying for the higher class of the society they can afford high paid fees at schools, simultaneously get their each child a smart phone with good internet package and non-disturbing environment. And even after that, if their child is not able to get the studies, they can hire him a tuition teacher which unlike before the pandemic has to come to the students home to teach him on the exchange of very high tuition fees. But this is not the same situation with every student whose ambition is to study and complete his dreams. Every student doesn’t have smart phones with good internet or network signals some live in rural areas where there is not any network. Some government high schools also had online classes, but all institutions can’t initiate online classes because majority of their students were not able to attend lectures online. This online system had made weak students even weaker in studies due to low inspections. Some students managed such long time in polishing their skills and focused on their week points. On the same time there were some students who were not happy to not going to school early morning, they missed the meetings with friends and discussing lectures in college. I will say that to some extent taking part in online classes is somewhat easy as compared to physical classes in institutions. But we miss raising hand in class physically than just taping to raise hand and that clipping’s sound, whenever our any fellow did something appreciate able. We enjoy reading and sharing our paper notes than PDF format files. So let’s pray to Almighty Allah that this pandemic ends soon so that we can continue our education as before. – The writer is student of BS in English Literature and lives in Malmari, Thatta.


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