Clashes between two nuclear powers over Kashmir is dangerous for world: Mushtaq



Bagh ,   (Parliament Times) : Minister for Information, Tourism, Sports and Youth Affairs and PML-N chief organizer Raja Mushtaq Ahmed Minhas has said that India invaded and illegally occupied Kashmir in violation of all international laws. He said Kashmiris are still protesting against the illegal occupation of Kashmir by the Indian Army and they still do not accept the forcible occupation of India. In his statement, the Information Minister said that the Indian Army was still besieging the unarmed Kashmiri people in occupied Kashmir and the basic human rights of the Kashmiri people were being violated. He said that due to India’s aggressive attitude, He appeals to the international community to play its role in stopping the atrocities on Kashmiris. He said that Pakistan and India are nuclear powers between which this issue is of utmost importance. There is a spark that can ignite at any time. He said that the world should remember that clashes between the two nuclear powers would be dangerous for the whole world. He said that Kashmiris all over the world were protesting against India because India had enshrined their right to self-determination. He said that Pakistan is advocating Kashmiris who have stood by the Kashmiri people at all times. He also urged the international community to pay attention to Kashmir. He said that if the Kashmir issue was not resolved, world peace would be in jeopardy.


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