INSPAD chief voices concern over stepped up HR violations in IoK


Islamabad,   (Parliament Times)  : President of the think tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD and former human rights adviser to the Azad Kashmir government Dr Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum and Chairmen Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement, senior Hurriyat leader Altaf Ahmed Butt, said that India did not let the Kashmiris’ spirit of freedom cool Who may have sacrificed three generations and are still struggling in the presence of one million Indian troops. In a meeting here today, the two kashmiri leaders said that atrocities against Kashmiris by India were increasing but their morale was as high as the Himalayas. They said that the debate in the British Parliament had exposed the ugly face of India to the world, which would help in further highlighting the Kashmir issue and would also raise the ears of international organizations. He further said that the European Union should also have such a discussion on Kashmir while at that time there should be a special discussion on Kashmir issue in the OIC summit. He said that Muslim countries should know that turning away from Kashmir issue should be theirs. It may be costly if India does not take the path of negotiations, then it will not be possible to save the region from catastrophe. Already, the farmers of Punjab have deprived the Indian rulers of sleep. He hoped that the United States would use its influence on the Indian government to find a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue after JoBaden was sworn in as US president.



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