The beginning of the new year


Written by Asif Khan

Forget the past hatred in the new year

Let’s make our world a paradise

Today 2020 is about to be separated with many memories. Within this year many of our loved ones have been separated from us. For many, the year has been a good one and for some, it can be stressful.

The new year is about to begin and in many countries the new year is being celebrated with enthusiasm. In many cities and countries, preparations were made to celebrate the New Year even before the arrival of the New Year. In Pakistan, too, people in different places welcome the New Year in different ways. We organize special kind of parties. Happy New Year to all from Raqam and I pray that New Year will bring happiness in your lives.
I wish this new year brought happiness
This year has come to every citizen of this country
Let there be no tragedy, let there be no house
Every moment of the new year brings a message of peace

Forget the past moments and set an example of peace with good wishes. Start the new year with sincerity, good intentions and new determination. O our Lord make this year a cause of mercy for all Muslims and our country Pakistan. Make it a haven of peace. Amen
2020 has passed but left behind some bitter memories and facts.
This year is one of the longest in my life. If you look at this year from one point of view, you will find a lot of stories, incidents, listening and watching, some of which you will be well aware of. Because they were quite famous, but who will be responsible for the excesses that happened to those who are not famous? They also kept appearing in the headlines for a few days and when will this spectacle end?

In the same year, some of the leading scholars left us and died. This is an irreparable loss to Malik Khudad Pakistan and now I will say something for this year. The effect of polishing is also reduced by the tires of K. Just like a child is born in our world, he is a thief of love at that time, we hate him, we teach him school books or parents teach him. Born to love.
So love what is kept in hatred
The new year is stepping into our lives with hope for the future. We must not only have good thoughts for the coming year, but also take a critical look at the days gone by to see where we have gone wrong. What happened and where did we neglect? If we keep our performance in mind and make our next strategy, it will definitely be better and more useful for us.

Be happy and live forever


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