Indian Occupied Kashmir


After getting independence from Britain, two independent states, Pakistan and India, came into existence August 14-15, 1947. Both states and princely states were given the power to decide to join any country according to the consensus of their people. Since, Kashmir had a Muslim majority but its Hindu Raja did not make a decision on time. Today, Indian-occupied Kashmir (IOK) has a Muslim majority, with 95 per cent Muslims in the Kashmir Valley, 28 per cent in Jammu and 44 per cent in Ladakh. Hindus are in the majority in Jammu with 66 per cent and Buddhists in Ladakh with 50 per cent. How much Kashmir has suffered from Pakistan-India wars of possessions? Back to the history, On 27 October, 1947, India landed its troops in Srinagar by air to quell an uprising in Kashmir that led to the first war between Pakistan and India. A border dispute between India and China in Ladakh on 20 October to 20 November, 1962, escalated into a war that resulted in China occupying a large area of Ladakh. The Second War between Pakistan and India broke out on 13 September 13, 1965. India captured Siachen Glacier in April, 1984. The Kargil war broke out between Pakistan and India in May 1999. Violent protests erupted across the region of Kashmir, Kashmiri families killed in firings by Indian troops, Border tensions between Pakistan and India. In 2013, Both PM’s of Pakistan and India agreed to reduce violence across the Line of Control, but failed to implement upon the agreements as damages done to their homes by the shelling across the border remained the same. Protests and waves of violence remained constant. Many Mujahideen were killed. In July this year, the Indian Army confirmed the martyrdom of three Kashmiri youths in a fake encounter. BJP’s so-called democracy! It may be recalled that during the search operation in Kulgam district of Occupied Kashmir, the occupying Indian forces had shot dead 3 Kashmiri youths, after which the number of martyred Kashmiris at the hands of Indian forces rose to 10 this week. In occupied Kashmir, Indian troops have killed at least 95,728 innocent Kashmiris during their ongoing state terrorism operations since January 1989, of whom 7,155 were martyred in custody, till date.


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