MDCAT Result


Officials of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) released the National MDCAT results on 16 December that are receiving numerous complaints from the students demanding that their papers need to be re-checked in order to provide satisfactions. The Pakistan Medical Commission has rejected complaints from students of the Medical College of Pakistan (MCP). The results released by the Commission are not showing errors. If they had, there would have been widespread complaints, not so less. Only 10 of the 15 students complained, therefore, it shall be unsuitable to set an other result process. A senior PMC official said more than one lakh students participated in the cassette and we have received only 10 to 15 complaints, some of which are from Karachi. He said that after the complaints, the chairman of PMC personally checked their papers. He also stated that the committee was set up to monitor the situation. It was not the fault of the students that more than one lakh students were involved in duplication of the seats of five hundred students. During the issuance of the report, there was a problem with the computer error, which was corrected within 5 hours. He said that it would not be retrieved. The results that were released were corrected. The results released also include 14 additional marks. MDCAT result is a computer generated result. According to the PMC, the issue arose primarily owing to anomaly in the computer generation of the result. The Commission reiterates that many students had inadvertently written the incomplete roll number on their answer sheets. That is the reason, mismatched names against the correct roll numbers were complained about. The Commission further said that there is a very small minority of students whose result is missing because neither their names nor their roll numbers could be matched. The affected students of Sindh are waiting for justice to prevail


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