Historical background of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

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Sirfaraz Majeed
Sir Syed ahmed khan was ne of the first Muslim who honorably took place in history as getting subcontinent’ Muslims rid of from all kinds of disasters .Hence, today everyone praises him more and the most still they think them much less. After decades his performance for Muslim people remains memorable and praiseworthy. Sir SYED AHMED Khan was born on    17 October 1817 In Dehli and died on 27 March 1898 in a state of northern India Uttar Pradesh. So, he was buried in Syed Masjid Aligarh. His mother ( Aziz-un-Nisaa) served him more than his father ( Mir Muttaqi)’ struggles for SYED in the field of education and other tasks. Collectively the cervices of him are named Aligarh movement and separately they are also known sir Syed Ahmed khan services. In the era of 1817 the Muslim, Sikh, Britisher and Hindu all these communities were surviving together in subcontinent. The Britisher who was ruling India was the majority among all. However, British took out its all anger on Muslims. They revenged the Muslims of their 1857 war as they thought that Hindus were not the part of that only Muslims were against government and it was the complicity of Muslims to defeat the rulers. They killed the Muslims, imprisoned them in jail, occupied the properties and closed their door to employ in governmental offices and get education too. Reason for the war of 1857 / war of independence. The cause of 18957 War was numerous but the grease cartridge was one of the prime conflict by which the Muslim people refused to use the bullets then British started demanding documents for lands and they didn’t have them. Therefore they were snatched and the Muslims and Hindus both were offered in custody that if they convert their religions into Christianity then they could get their captured commodities back and also will be gifted new lands but they refused to do so. British were extremely cruel on Muslims in this duration. Regretfully, they were in fact forced to pay taxes for keeping beard. Deliberately, Muslims were deprived from getting education and their all mosques were closed to offer prayers. Educational cervices Sir Syed Ahmed khan had a sensational role in the education journey of Muslims people. He tried a lot to provide them an educational environment as they were far from education. British were in power and economically stronger as they made use of the most modern technologies, because they were well educated. In spite of using guns Muslim used sword to fight with them as they had lack of technologies. Intellectually, Sir Syed Ahmed khan wanted them to not go against British government. Further for the advancement of Muslims, in 1859 he established his first educational institution in Muradabad. After that he constituted a Madrasa in 1862 in Ghazipoor where English was also taught by appointed well experienced teachers in order to bring Britishers and Hindus closer to Muslims. Continuously the “scientific society “was setup in 1863 by him in the same state and Latter its office was transferred to Aligarh. The soul purpose of it was to convert western knowledge into Urdu with aim that Muslims should comprehend it easily. Ahead he established MAO high school in 1875 in Aligarh which progressed then became a college after two years in 1877 and after the death of him it developed a lot and has become a university in 1920.Most of the Muslims who were educated belonged to Aligarh University. Literary work/ composition and social services. First literary book “Asar-us –sanadeed” he wrote about the history of Dehli and the era of Mogul, the interpretation of holy Quran as well and many more compositions on deferent titles. On the second hand, his social activities are remarkable among which an orphanage he installed in Muradabd where the children of Muslims plus Hindus were trained and taught. Latter for separate election he attempted to reserve more and more seats for Muslims in national houses through which they could increase the percentage of employs and other profits for Muslims. (-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Turbat.)

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