Letters to the editor


Ignorance societies in Pakistan:   Ignorance is a very bad act seen among citizens,families, schools and in many other places. These are caused due to our ignorance and having no sense of talk . As the recent accident of man made me very sad that he threw his children in the river after a fight took place with her wife . So seeing such acts to be most common. The police take actions and prison the criminals. These are really shameful acts. Day by day these acts are rising making society dull. We can’t no more bear such people in society at all. The authorities should work to be active in such issues.-Barkatullah Turbat.

Need of dustbins: That our country is polluted is obvious to all. However, the government has says that cleaning the country for them is easy and have done it manytimes but maintaining it clean is the important work which can be done by the public only. Honestly, the government is totally agreeable here but the it passes such statements without providing dustbins. If the government wants the public to keep the country clean , it should at least provide enough dustbins on streets and public areas. -Farahnaz Farooq Ahmed Turbat.

Coronavirus and protests:  Due to not maintaining social distance and because of the carelessness, the country is suffering through the second wave of coronavirus presently. Dishearteningly, the citizens are again acting inadvertently and destroying the social distancing by protesting, marching and taking out rallies. The country is once again ignoring the rules to eradicate the pandemic. Likely, Pakistan will have to suffer more than the first wave of covid. The government is supposed to ban the protests and rallies to ensure that everyone is following the rules for the pandemic. -Farah Farooq Turbat

Syed Zahoor Shah a legendary man:  Syad Zahoor Shah Hashumi was an outstanding contributer, poet, intellectual and a linguist of beloved Balochi Language. He belongs to Gawadar Balochistan and his services for Balochi Language need no praising. He was extremely expert in Balochi Language apart from his mother language, he could also speak Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English. He was the only one who saved Balochi Language. He sought the meanings of words asking the people by visiting different areas of Balochistan and brought those asked words in written shape. -Iqra Mohmmad Jan Gokdan Turbat.



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