Stories And Their Impact


Zainab Anwar
From many of the things we are inspired and a well known professor Louise Rosenblatt articulated that we watch a movie and we like the characters performing in it. Further, we follow their style and way of talking and we always try to be like them. In the same way, if we read a book ,we always like to highlight the words or sentences after we use them in our written things. When we read a story of fairy and the fantasy story so we always imagine ourselves in their stories but there are totally imaginations. Anyone who reads stories will be inspired by it and it is the only thing which cannot be forgotten by us. From t his world each culture left a story for us and it is shared generation to generation. Actually the writer is pointing out that her nani and dadi used to shared stories to her and she loved listening stories. It was the fantastic moment for her to sit every night inside of nani to listen stories. After that she and her cousin started sharing stories to each other . Her father was impressed by looking such kind of activities ,therefore, her dad brought lots of story books which she had read and collect the bundle of information in her mind. Furthermore, story telling creates a strong and happy relationship in family members. The best moments of those winter, cold and long nights were listening stories sitting inside whole family members will never be forgotten by anyone ,but this is the world which invent new technologies and those technologies created a distance between complete family members. According to the writer opinion, stories open one’s mind towards understanding the things clearly. Reading stories develop our imagination. We get nothing unless we read books. Undoubtedly, reading books improves our thinking skill . When we start reading stories ,we start to have our own opinion and we develop understanding our own thoughts, emotions and feelings. Stories help us in developing our empathy to make us able to gain and share the feelings to others .We learn about the new properties and also connect with the character in the story and we follow them and their ideas ,wag of performing and many more. We like to lead more stories and get more. The writer said that she started having an interest in reading and she shared with her other cousin. When a group of people sit together and start sharing whatever they have read in books by this new ideas will get generate in minds and ideas will be exchanged. Reading books not only improves our gaining power, but also creates our maturity level higher. Reading books teach the children for making good friends who encourage them and share knowledge. Reading books create a splendid culture where everyone will be participated in the competition of reading and gaining knowledge.”If you want your children to be smart, tell the stories. If you want them to be brilliant , tell them more stories”, quoted by the great personality Albert Einstein.(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Turbat. )


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