Letters to the editor



Dengue Virus

I would like to draw the attention of concern authorities through columns of your esteemed. Dengue virus which has become a tragic a challenging quest to be curbed. Dengue virus as an infectious disease which causes high fever, headache, rashes and tragic pain throughout the complete body. The fever is rapidly extending all over the country. The death toll rises due to dengue fever in province Sindh where 2,000 dengue cases were reported and 975 cases were reported in previous month October. Seemingly, studies find dengue virus spreads faster especially through contaminated water. Health officials have advised citizens to practice caution. Many people lost their lives and many are yet victim of it. To save the lives of public concern authorities are requested to have a glance over the spread of dengue fever as soon as possible. -Shegufta Naaz Aqil Turbat Kech.

Beggary in Sindh

BEGGARS have been headache for public everywhere in Sindh. Be it village, town or city. One is distracted by beggars. Infact beggary become a big source of distraction. Though there are a few people resort to begging due to extreme poverty, they also seem to exploit their economic conditions to earn a certain level of subsistence. In Sindh, There exists variety of kinds of beggars: street beggars, passenger beggars, cultural beggars and professional beggars. Beggary has become a profession for most of those who are part of a much larger industry that recruits, trains and relocates men, women and children. Sometimes these beggars annoys public unethically. While tracing causations of an increase in beggars, one would find inflation, poverty, unemployment, drug abuse and illiteracy as causations. To fight the threat of beggary, the government and civil society shall have to play greater roles. Disseminating mass awareness shall drastically reduce the growing trend of professional beggary. Technical and vocational education must be gievn to beggars at national level. In this cause, Government should effectively play its role. -Imtiaz Essa Halepoto Jamshoro

Impossible is possible

The word “impossible” does not take one second to pronounce it but it is enough to destroy our complete life because of our negative comments and thoughts by which we can be discouraged when we are going to achieve something. But encouragement, appreciation and good comments give positive energy to us even if we are not good in anything, we get boosted with confidence and eventually get success. Moreover, negative comments break confidence and usually us end up hopeless. There are many talented people in the world who could not explore their talents just because of negative words ‘it is impossible’, ‘it is too difficult’, but trying is the key of success. Take the example of a scientist Thomas Edison he tried 99 times for making a bulp after trying more he became successful. -Abdul Salam, Awaran kulli.


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