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Never Stop Learning

We have the opportunity of learning in every moment of our lives. Without learning no one can reach to a good position. Learning gives us several benefits by improving us intellectually and making our behaviour and attitude productive. The one who never learns anything they never know the purpose of their lives. Learning opens the doors of success. However, learning never leaves us alone anywhere, as it is there to be our support all the time. Never think about the ignorance of someone who tries to stop you from learning. Without learning it is impossible that we can be ideal in the life. Always learn something gleefully not by emotions. The best thing about life is that we never stop learning, when we truly understand the benefits of learning. Whether we are young or old, we always have something or someone to learn from. Successful people know the value of everything because they always in search of learning from each and every person or thing. 1:Select Your Own Interest For learning It is very necessary that we have to choose our interests that can make us learn better and more. Mostly, people do not choose what their purpose is and what they want to be. And due to that they are never interested in what they are doing and as a result they never learn. Whatever we are interested in, we should do that thing. That is one of the most significant aspects of life. Charles says, “My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” We often wrong the things, we don’t focus on our target. The students should be well aware about the need and importance of their own interest in life. It helps a student to complete all the tasks on due time with success and productivity. Interest is an invaluable entity. It is very essential to manage interest for a blissful successful life. 2:Self-Study It is very most indispensable thing for human beings. Our main purpose should be self-study because it’s our basic part and great job. This very bad that our elders do not emphasis on self-study when we are young and that makes us avoid it when we become elder. It is important to tell the young generation about the benefits of self study. When they are known to the people they are never going to consider it an extra thing, because they will know that self study is one of the best ways of learning. It provides us all those things which we need to be a good citizen of this planet. Learning has and will always be the tool for the mankind to be the most powerful creature on this planet. It has made the mankind rule here for millennia. So, we need to find opportunities to learn different things from different sources for being a productive part of this planet. -Sattar Samad Turbat,Kech. 

Reckless driving

Reckless driving has become one of the sensitive issues in the every corner of the world which is one of the dangerous habits of men. It includes a lot of destruction for the development of a country that is called road accidents. Road accidents commonly being happened every where because of reckless driving. Reportedly, according to the motorway polices before two days an accident occurred between a van and oil trank three passengers died from the van and nine were injured as well they were in miserable condition. According to the police the van was travelling karachi  to Hadarabad met accident near Nooriabad. Mostly the accidents are being increased due to the act of overtaking of other vehicles since every driver thinks that it is one of the enjoyables for them, they don’t think about passengers who have different wishes in their lives. It is requested to the every country, please make rules and regulations for the drivers to save human life. –Abdul Salam, Awaran kulli.

Relief -Package

P.M Imran Khan has announced a relief package for nourishing the poor and help them in this pandemic moment but the question is that in what condition people are doing registration? They are facing many troubles in different areas of the country, sitting on roads in crowds and waiting for their numbers when will they be called for registration? their lives are at risk whether a car is going to hit them or will be affected by the COVID#19. It is requested to the government to make a systematic system for the registration. -Khuda Dad Baloch Karachi.


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