Announcement by PTV chairman Naeem Bokhari on refusing to give coverage to opposition parties tantamounts to ridicule law, constitution: JI


ISLAMABAD:   JI has strongly denounced PTV chairman Naeem Bokhari announcement for not giving coverage to the opposition parties on the state run T V.

JI deputy secretary Muhammad Asghar has said state run TV is a national institution and refusing to give coverage to activities and stance of national parties therein is tantamount to ridicule the law and constitution.

He went on to say that induction of a person in key pillar of the state who has remained merely a lawyer and anchorperson by declaring his experience as experience of broadcasting testifies the biased policy of the government. This aims at promoting dictatorship;

“We advise to government to impart training to 75 years old Naeem Bokhari in some academy so that he should serve the national interests rather than some party’s interests.


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