Modrenization doesn’t mean westernization


Muzaffar Khoso
We all have been familiar with modernization. It means to have or do everything in accordance with present era, carrying out as all as society is doing can be defined as modernization. It is the process of bringing the things to the current state of art. On that account, it makes a our lives easy and comfortable. Through modern techniques and processes quality of life is maximized and possibilities of risk are minimized. With modern education we can advance in science and technology. With modern means of transportation we can fly around the world in hours. Although, there are also many drawbacks and faults within modern world but its complications and troubles are of no matter as compared to its services  and satisfactions. On the other hand of westernization means to adopt Western values and cultures. Westernization and modernization are two anti-parallel terms as said “East is east and west is west never the twain shall meet”. From the quotation it is clear that east and west are totally different and nothing could be similar between them. Their laws and values, cultures and civilizations, morals and virtuous are quite conflicting. We the east are much more better and higher than the west in terms of religion, ethics, morals and cultures. We have our definite and defined morals. We know that what are needs and rights of women, they are honours of men, we have obligations to our parents even so we cannot owe to them. Western world does not have such variances and verily their system and values are different and may not be applicable and fit to our eastern countries. It is crestfallen that we are walking towards westernization in terms of modernization. In our society westernization is considered as modernization and we have copied western cultures such as their dressing and eating. The outlets selling western products; Pizza, burger and pant shirt have been so common among us. Western food may be labelled as junk food. However, it doesn’t provide enough protein and energy. A large number of people regard wearing pant shirt superior to our national dress shalwar kameez. Those who wear shalwar kameez are thought to be old-fashioned and outmoded. Although we don’t have any explanation to consider western foods and dresses superior to those of our traditional foods and dresses. But we are you doing it whether intentionally or unintentionally. What is left behind to follow? – only morals. We are adopting everything of west except somewhat morals. The morals of west are risky and threatening, we must not make use of western morals otherwise we would go beyond the margins and perimeters of our religion. We have been already given the code of life, which is perfect. Therefore, we should not adopt western culture instead we can be modern in our own way. There is one best example for ‘modern but not Western’, it’s Japan. Japan is a developed country which is modern but not western. It had made advancement on scientific grounds. Take notes that they hadn’t adopted western based values and cultures. Their food,dressing, way of life and everything is in keep with their own Japanese civilization. There is a family and community system unlike other Western countries. It is the real definition of modernization, from the example of Japan it is believed that modernization is possible without adopting western culture and civilization. In our community the use of western products and tools is considered as a symbol of status. It is fine to be modern but firstly we ought to understand the difference between modernization and westernization. Modernization means to follow the society you are living in and if you are not adopting things according to your society and embracing western culture in your daily life then it is defined as westernization. Copy west to the only extent that it doesn’t collapse with your religion and civilization. Blind adoption of western values can have very serious and allarming consequences.

(-The writer is a Sukkur-based freelance columnist.)


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