Covid-9 on Politics


Mujeeb Ali Samo
Covid-19 has affected almost every country around the globe. The World Health Organization has confirmed cases in 216 countries and territories, a total that represents more than 85 percent of 251 entities recognized by the United Nations. Yet each government has responded differently to the coronavirus pandemic — including how data on the disease have been shared with each country’s citizens. The gap between the number of officially acknowledged Covid-19 cases and deaths may have political explanations. Our perception of the probability of contracting the virus and the chances to recover is shaped by the relevant statistical figures released by our respective governmenegligence. A balanced take on Covid-19 and a proper course of action to deal with the pandemic means the information provided by governments must be complete, valid, and reliable. Unfortunately, that is not happening in many cases. This unwise and irrational statement of Sindh provincial education minister Saeed Ghani who refused to go for school off during a spell of the second wave of covid -19 and yearly winter vacation. It has shocked me that he is ignoring the aftermath consequences of this disease. As we have experienced the initial outbreak of coronavirus during March 2019. The whole country was resisting for complete lockdown where the Sindh government was supporting the complete lockdown. Though we have a few cases as to other provinces and the countries. It was also reported that we have a few cases of fatality as compare to the rest of the world. Why the Sindh government stands different on issues of collective to the country. As it is part of the federal government. There were some certain reasons which were quoted for better in resisting damage the cornea impacts. They are like. Firstly, it was unfavorable weather to corona to impact the health of the people. The hot temperature was disrupting the corona spread. Secondly, the immunity system of people remains strong because of proper food because the hotels were off. Thirdly due to hot weather, people drink regularly abundant water, and take shower for disinfection and wash hands with sanitizer. But now, the weather is favorable for corona spread and bringing bitter damage to people because the cold environment makes the virus active for a long time. As we have seen the greater fatalities in European countries due to corona outbreak. It was reported that they have a greater loss and spread because Of the cold weather. Now, it is time to go for a complete lockdown and save the lives of people. School education can be carried out through online and other means of educational media channels. Our education minister Saeed Ghani has to learn from developed countries like the UK, Japan, Germany, and America. When they are going for lockdown due to the second spell of covid 19 to save the lives of people. It must be the top priority of the government to protect the life of children and teachers. They are assets and the future custodians of this country. If they fall victim to corona then we will have great trouble to tackle it because they are living in crowds and assemblies at school. Though the SOP’s have been issued to the school administration. The children of class mid to Montessori never become practical to follow. It is therefore recommended to go for lockdown and close schools for a few weeks to control the spread of the coronavirus. As the winter is the season of flu and cough it has become challenging to measure either it is a case of Corona or just seasonal flu. It is a prudent decision to follow the opinion of the doctors regarding the closure of schools because they know the severity of the disease and stand by it at the front as warriors to defeat the disease. We as a nation pray for the country to be protected from earthly and manmade calamities.May Allah guide us to right path!

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Larkana.)


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