The neglected district


Imtaiz Javid

Sir, it is now 21th century . The world is developed and brought multiple changes. Every one is on the moon. But it hurts me to utter that Awaran is still in need of basic requirements including education system, road and water. Today the all world is developing the education system and bringing huge changes but in Awaran multiple children don’t see a classroom for studying. Instead of pen they carry hammer and other tools to work in different places. There is no denying the fact that, water is life. Without water it is improbable to survive on the earth but in Awaran people still face this problem. They go for a huge distance and take out water from wells and keep them on their heads and come back to home. They do this daily basis. A part from water, if we glance at the roads of Awaran they are also in worsen condition no vehicles can travel comfortably . And they areĀ  totally covered by garbages, etc . So, it is my extreme suggestion government requires to take measures to bring some new changes in the district and equip some of the fundamental requirements to the district.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Awaran)


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