Letters to the editor


Wild polio virus in Pakistan

Wild polio virus is one of the sensitive viruses that attacks the nervous system. Children the than 5 year old are more likely to contract the virus than any other group. Unfortunately, Pakistan is the most affected country by the pilio virus among other countries. Polio virus is still endemic in three countries, Pakistan Nigeria and Afghanistan and is eradication from the rest of the world. Pakistan is considered as (WPV) with highest number of polio outbreak among countries. Since in Pakistan there are 70 WPV cases reported in 2020 so far while the total number of cases reported in 2019 cases remains 147. Eight WPV positive environmental samples were reported five nights Balochistan one in Islamabad and two in Punjab. It is requested to the government to eradicate the polio virus from the country and bring the country in a great path. -Abdul Salam, Awaran kulli.

Say No to smoking


Smoking in public places like restaurants and cafes has become a major problem these days. People take it something to be proud of to smoke in public and forget about the effects on passrlers?by. They forget that passive smoking is also very harmful. Something, despite having serious health hazards, is at on all time high through illicit cigarette trading Rs 45 billion are plundered from Pakistan every year. To have an idea of what this large sum of money can finance 2.5 million students can be educated for one year.240,000 homes can receive electricity and five million people can be fed there meals a day for a month. Thus, I request the authorities concerned to ban smoking in public places and take a strong policy in this regard if needed. -Wahag Mandost Awaran.

Nine eleven 9/11

However, everyone remembers the date 9/11 . Nine Eleven is the date when humanity was under the feet of terrorists, the date when the super power country USA economy fell down. Moreover, three plans were hijacked by the terrorists and crash the plans by on the two twins tower where 3000 anocent people were martyred . The day 9/11 is considered one of the worst days all over in the world . It was the worst day of the world. No one can forget this offensive when terrorism was at the peak of the world. -Sassi Nazeer SHAL, Turbat , Kech

Smoking Kills

Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable illness. Mostly our teenagers are affected in smoking cigarettes. And youth smoke as a fashion and students smoke for making their minds fresh hence they are enrolled in studying. Tobacco smoke has 70% chemical which cause perilous disease. Every time we inhale smoke those chemical enter to our bloodstream which carry all the chemicals into our body. Due to these chemicals our DNA will get damaged and cause cancer, lung diseases, stroke and etc. About 8 million people die every year and 1.2 million people from non smokers being exposed to second hand smoke. I appeal to the government and PTA to ban the alarming issue of smoking cigarette which is the destruction for youth. -Aqsa Mohammad Assa Turbat Kech.


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