Letters to the editor



Pakistan ranks as the sixth most dangerous country in the world for women, with cases of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, in many of these cases, culprits exploited the grey areas in the criminal jurisprudence, used money and their influence to go scot-free, there is no such irreplaceable action against rapists. The rape cases are arriving at their climaxday, children are being the addition of rapists, recently a child with her mother was brutally raped. The criminals are still roaming around no one is arrested yet. It seems that in upcoming days it will be hard for women to come out from their houses due to such criminals who are not getting any kind of response from the government for their inhuman act. The government’s need to address an alarming rise in sexual violence against women and girls. -Khuda Dad Baloch, Karachi.

Turbat Public library

A visit with my textbooks in Turbat Public library Textbooks play an essential role in one’s life which guide the teaching and learning of the curriculum in a particular subject. They provide teachers and learners with a structure of teaching and learning, mothodological support and opportunities for revision and preparation. Moreover, they give teachers a relief as it reduces the heavy load of preparation, save time and make teaching and learning easier. Unfortunately, in Turbat the textbooks are being neglected by most of the students who don’t know the value of the course books since they have not guided by their parents about their careers. Likewise, one day I went to Turbat Public library with my textbooks to study something when I entered in the library I became shocked since every student was reading general books rather they don’t have career in their lives or they are not aware about their future planning. It is my suggestion for all of the students of Turbat,please study your course books which help you in your future. -Abdul Salam, Awaran Kulli.

Improving gas production

Quetta, being Balochistan’s capital city lacks quality of adequate gas to transfer from home to homes. However, the gas shortage likely emerges when winter approaches in Quetta. There is even a low gas pressure bin majority of the city’s regions. The gas production is low and while demand is increasing so there would be more chances of gas loadshedding. Therefore, the government should undertake this problem of Quetta city’s people. –Barkatullah Turbat

Drugs Addiction

Drug addiction is like a dangerous disease which makes the people waste their lives. In our country it is too common and we have a number drug addicts in each and every part of the country. Thosunds of people are passing away due to drug addiction, but still our Government and the concerned authorities are silent. This is just because of the irresponsibility of Government, if the government were serious, we wouldn’t get any drug in our country.  Unfortunately, our government is doing nothing for the prevention of the durgs. At last, I urge to Government of Pakistan to take strong actions against drugs mafia immediately so that our nation can give more time to their progress more than wasting their lives. -Sattar Samad, Turbat, Kech.


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