Either I or Shehr Yar Afridi will be convicted in drug smuggling case: Rana Sana Ullah



LAHORE:    PML-N leader Rana Sana Ullah has said either he or Shehr Yar Afridi will be convicted in drug smuggling case.

“ Clothes were found in my bag in drugs smuggling case. I hope court will provide justice to me. In this case either he or Shehr Yar Afridi will be convicted”, he said this while talking to media men outside anti drugs court Saturday after hearing of his case.

He held if government corona stays for six months it will kill the people with hunger. Because government corona devoured atta and sugar. Everything is ruined.

He alleged that corona virus is claiming 2 percent life but government corona is leading to 100 percent fatalities. Look at the faces of all. . They all look to be corona.

Taking jibe he said when the government ministers talk they look to be corona. People should go to streets against the government corona.

He underlined “we are only informing the government about our public meetings. We are not seeking permission from them.

He observed “ PDM will not launch anti government movement by seeking permission from the government. Peshawar public meeting will be held at every cost. We don’t need any permission from government on this count.

How much tough will be the next phase of movement and what options will be exercised therein will be decided by PDM leadership, he underscored.


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