Menace of unemployment


Misra Muhammad Assa
Unemployment has become one of the serious challenges for the country and it lefts plenty of negative impacts on the country’s development. However, announcing jobs for the indigent and large size of population has never been the priority of any politicians in Pakistan ;therefore, 300,000 people are living hand to mouth and unemployed. The ratio of employment is only 12% per cent in Pakistan and it is considered the lowest ratio of employment . Definitely, behind any developed nation its citizens hand is there, but Pakistani citizens are seen unemployed. Unemployment is one of the serious macroeconomic dilemmas which is bringing socio-economic problems. The output of income is low and economically country will be down which leads to income unequally, ill health ,migration and so forth. Pakistan is full of educated people ,in contrast, they are appeared in private sectors where they are enrolled in private educational schools, language institutions and coaching centers. Furthermore, according to the study report a large number of educated people immersed themselves in private institutions or engaged themselves in hotel for small jobs after graduation and MA to earn money to meet their needs. As government doesn’t announce jobs for them . In Pakistan DC to Peon is corrupted according to a journalist. Mostly, unemployed are from rural areas of the country and their way of living depends on rural economy they are paucity of their fundamental rights such as health care, education ,jobs and etc. The major reason behind unemployment in Pakistan is backwardness of agriculture sector which play the important role in the country. Agriculture sector is the largest sector for Pakistan’s economy. The agriculture sector contributes 20.9% to GDP and 44% people can get occupations from this sector. The government is not providing quality seeds ,pesticides and fertilizer and lack of agriculture education . Owing to certain problems of agriculture sector unemployment are intensified. Beside this , unemployment is not only a economic problem ,but also social dilemma which can cause crime too. The causes of unemployment are endless. Growing population which add fuel to fire is considered one of the causes of unemployment. Pakistan is among the developing countries where population growth is unbridled . Pakistan has failed to provide jobs to the huge number of people. Unemployment surely creates poverty which is the directly proportional child labor. Policies have to be amended and there shall be great changes in constitution regarding poor and educated people who are in depression committing suicide and immersing themselves in committing crime .


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