Chronic Problems


Imtiaz Essa Halepoto
My loved province Sindh is surrounded by a plethora of chronic problems: rapid population growth, illiteracy, unemployment, extreme poverty, child labour and abuse, and poor governance etc, have devastated the peaceful and progressive Sindhi society. It is a heartrending reality that our representatives and bureaucrats are unable to resolve prevailing problems. Education of province is poorly managed. It resultantly destroys the future of Sindh. We need good governance in which we can improve the condition of Sindh: without improving governance it will not be possible to stabilise the alarming population growth rate and to eradicate extreme poverty from the resources-rich province. Sindh needs proper attention of honest and sincere officials to fight against corruption, illiteracy and child abusers. Indeed, Sindh is rich province with variety of natural resourses in Pakistan, but it has been a victim of politics of successive former rulers and even the incumbent ones. Politicians keep Sindh`s people poor, illiterate and unfamiliar to technology because the poor and illiterate people can easily be exploited to perpetuate the feudal framework or aristocracy, plutocracy or ‘waderacracy’ in Sindh province. Politicians in Sindh has left no means to loot Sindh of her beauty and even they gave speed to waderacracy so as to rule Sindh for years ahead. If one finds about merit in Public and Private institutions of Sindh, he would find vulnerable situation.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Jamshoro)


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