Water crisis in Pakistan


Misbah Yousuf
Water in this universe is considered on of the essential parts of human lives. Without water living things can’t get develop . Water is the dire need of every human being in the world. Water crisis have taken a drastic place in Pakistan and affected it badly. Pakistan is one the developed countries which is facing the acute water shortage and water crisis. Water crisis simply means the scarcity of fresh water which is caused by rainfall ,pollution and many more. In Pakistan in spite of pure water there is much polluted water. The major reason behind water scarcity is wastage of water in a large scale in urban areas of Pakistan. There are massive bays and dams in Pakistan but water is impure and recycling the polluted water has never been the priority if any politicians. Lives of million people are in danger they can be victim of hazardous borne diseases such as polio, typhoid ,diarrhea and etc. Million of people are in the usage if Indus river which is being polluted gradually by the chemical of factories and companies. Pakistan is the third ranked among those countries which are facing acute water shortage. Asia and Africa are the two continents which has the water problem in it. Due to impure water people are being affected of dangerous diseases. The Pakistan Council Research regarding water crisis announc3d that by 2025 it is observed there will be less pure water remain in Pakistan. It is necessary to drink clean drinking water . The strong effect of water crisis on certain will be looking risky. According to the report 2.5 billion people don’t have enough good health owing to just drinking impure water. The diseases which are being caused by water crisis are cholera, typhoid, polio diarrhea and many more. The best way to stop water crisis is to be instructed whole people to be far away from wasting water which is most indispensable . Similarly, water management authorities can inculcate better instructions regarding water scarcity . People use water for disadvantageous activities. Water play a vital role in the country. The main reason of water shortage is deforestation which is now a days more common in the country . Deforestation as it is defined as Oxfordian dictionary chopping and cutting down the trees from a a large scale and for human benefit is called deforestation. Due to deforestation climate change and global warming two massive destruction are taking place in the world and deforestation is the symbol due to what rainfall is lost. However, the forests are the beauty of our nature and this colorful world is just because of forests and also weather gets change due to it. It is to be obliged to factories whose waste materials must not be thrown in water to make it dirty . Waste material must be thrown away. Actually media is unaware about such deleterious activities where water is being converted into impure water just because of such bad people . Pakistani media always run behind politicians second water scarcity is increasing extensively. Government must be bringing awareness regarding water crisis to save the water. There must be strong punishment against those people who waste the water haphazardly.

(- The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Turbat.)


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