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Rising Terrorrism accidents

The recent accident of Peshawar school attack made me very astonished that a bomb blasted in a religious seminary in Peshawar on Tuesday morning which has martyred at least eight people, including children and more than 110 got wounded. Actually , the blast occured at the Soren Jaamat mosque which serves as a religious school for the local community. However, the reason of this attack on a Koran study is really unclear and certainly the northern city of Peshawar is close to Afghan border has also seen some of the worst violence during the Taliban insurgency in recent years. According to the initial investigation of this occurence that someone came here and left the bag of explosives. We know that there is no life protection in Afghanistan which is a country mainly occupied by Taliban’s representative. Now the question arises, why the terrorism cases in Pakistan are on the peak? As day by day we see very bad attacks and regret over the loss of precious lives. Therefore, the authorities of Pakistan should investigate successfully inorder to prevent such attacks, so this can be possible while we strengthen our forces. -Barkatullah Turbat, Kech

Justice for Alisha

I woke up to the news of a young girl being gange raped. What shocked me, was the fact that her body was painful. It breaks my heart to accept that we have failed to provide a safe environment to our children to live in. Alisha the girl who became a victim of lust and greed, would not have thought that her life will be taken by gange rapers in such a brutal manner. It is good to note that this incident has invited the much-needed attention of the authorities which in the past, have not done much to tackle child abuse cases. What happened to Alisha is unfortunately a daily occurrence. Not a single week passes when we do not read news about child abuse cases, missing children and a child who was raped. The reaction and outrage that followed the accident is exactly what we needed to urge the authorities to take remedial measures to deal with such crimes. It now rests with the government how it will take strict action against gange rapers. Zamir Ahmed Memon, Mehar Shah Qubo Shikarpur.

Water matters

It refers from the article “Water Matters” published in Dawn newspaper. Polluted water causes many diseases such as polio,typhoid and other water born diseases . Polluted water is dangerously affecting the world. According to the report 2 billion people of the world drink polluted water. Drinking clean water is important for human and global water is affecting million of lives and causing their health greatly. Moreover, for drinking clean water, International Organisation allocates funds to developing countries. The world bank researched that billion of people globally lack clean water and 2.5 billion people drink less clean water. Nevertheless, many countries including Pakistan waste the water in a larger way. People gave up the ghost due to not drinking pure water. When the water cleaning system became damaged by rains or flash floods, many rivers turned into polluted water and 8 rivers flow an Asia . (IWRM) International Water Resources Management promotes the management of water-related resources at most social welfare is fear without agreement of the ability of ecosystem. Many countries had been successfully integrated water resources management programme to solve the waste cleaning system . In partnership with local authorities the water crisis reached by the government. -Mahnoor Shahdad Turbat Kech.


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