Progressive Chieftain of Sindh, Sardar Niaz Ali Khan Jhanwari


Faiz Ahmed Khan Jhanweri

Tribal chiefs in Sindh rarely possess a progressive approach and they work for the development of their tribe or community. But Sardar Niyaz Khan Janwhari is Apart from them. He had made sure as a chieftain that his tribe was well on the path of progress. Sardar Niyaz Ali Khan Janwhari was born in Mehar a mall town of District Dadu, at a very young age he was made the chieftain of the Jhanweri tribe, the day he was made the head of the tribe he decided to work for the welfare of his community that is residing in different areas of the country including Azad Kashmir. As a chief, he stood firm against every conspiracy that was hatched against his tribe. He took all possible efforts for providing his native village “Sardar Mir Mohammad Khan Jhanwari” that is named after his father, with all the basic amenities of life. With his efforts and determination, a primary school and a basic health unit were established, to facilitate the residents of the remote area. In 1972 he joined the Pakistan Peoples Party and is still loyal to it. He was among the faithful and staunch allies of former PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Mr. Bhtto always showed gratitude and reverence for him whenever they met. During MRD ( Move ent for Restoration of Democracy) he was among those leaders of the party who led that movement from the front and resultantly faced political victimization. He was jailed for a long time and a number of his tribesmen lost their lives. The Chieftain is also known for his hospitality and humble attitude with his tribesmen. The quotation is very famous about him that “Sardar Niaz Ali does not disappoint those who have high hopes attached to him”. As an insightful leader, he always guided his community in acquiring education and maintaining communal harmony among each other. Following constant ailment and old age, he has handed over the charge to his son Sardar Sher Afzal Khan Jhanweri a well educated and skillful youngster who is passionate to follow the footsteps of his father “I am hopeful that I will fulfill my responsibility in a better way and i will try my level best to meet the expectations of my father and fellow tribesmen; he said while expressing his views in a gathering arranged by the villagers in his father’s honor.  The life and contributions of these two chieftains is a lesson for all other chieftains and tribal heads of Sindh who don’t even bother to gain first-hand knowledge of the pain and difficulties being squared up by their communities.

-The writer is lawyer, based in Nosheroferoz.


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