Mirpurkhas faces many challenges


Muhammad Nasir Iqbal

Divisional Headquarter Mirpurkhas the most varied city of Sindh have been facing various problems for a long times, Such as drinking water, sewerage system, education System and health and road infrastructure. Its population comprises 1.7 million as per current census. First the residents of Mirpurkhas are facing an acute shortage of drinking water in different areas of the city such as Nai Para, Hirabad, Jamnadas colony, Mir colony, Gharibabad and others. There is a lack of drinking water from time to time. Second important issue of the city is the traffic jams, due to traffic jams on the main roads and adjacent roads creates problems for the areas and the motorists besides noise pollution. A number of anti-encroachment drives were launched by the authorities concerned in all areas but the situation never changed in the city. Third major issue of city is garbage and waste disposal system. A city of gardens and mangoes change now a city of garbage. Most of Several roads and streets of different localities of the city are heavily littered with garbage. Major Serious issue of city is Health in this regards Patients in Mirpurkhas are not being provided with proper medical at the Civil Hospital, which is leading to a major health crisis in the area. Even though every year medicines are provided to the hospital according to its quota, patients are only given primary drugs for free, such as Disprin and Panadol, if they require other medications, they are told to go and buy it from private pharmacies outside the hospital. What happens to the rest of the medicines provided to the hospital is still unresolved. This hospital is Divisional Headquarters Hospital where a number of patients come from surrounding areas and mostly patients are very poor who cannot afford to buy expensive medicines. On the other hand, there is a huge cleanliness management issue in Civil Hospital. Heaps of garbage is found at places around the facility and this makes it extremely dangerous for patients, as it can become a breeding ground for fatal diseases. After taking notice of the absence of doctors from the hospital, the un-hygienic conditions and the lack of medical facilities, political and social organizations in Mirpurkhas have filed a complaint to the management of the hospital and have urged it to mend its ways. Education is also an issue of where public schools fail to provide quality of education due to political appointments but newly appointed NTS and IBA teachers works great for improvement education in public sector. The people of Mirpurkhas demanding the establishment of Mirpurkhas University in this deprived region. Mirpurkhas Division, which includes Mirpurkhas, Umerkot and Tharparkar districts, has no public university despite having a population of approximately 40 lakhs. People of Mirpurkhas have been demanding the establishment of a public sector university in the region since a long time. “Universities play an important role in any region and Public Sector University in any region will help locals’ access higher education. Higher education, in turn, helps locals enhance their skill set and gain economic and financial stability,” People of Mirpurkhas division have been demanding the establishment of a public sector university in the region since a long time. He more added that there are a lot of young girls and boys students wanted to acquire higher education on their door step but they compelled to suffer high expenses of fair and transportation as they traveled long distance. Mostly parents avoided sending their daughters and sisters to University of Sindh, Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences and Mehran University of Engineering & Technology situated on long distance from here as result they were deprived of their higher education that was their right and government is responsible to provide them these facilities on their door step under rule. Only University of Sindh Campus working  here with short subjects however it could not fulfill the requirements of higher education of the youths of this division. He demanded that the early establishment of university in Mirpurkhas should be announced soon.-The writer is a freelance columnist , based in Mirpurkhas.


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