Malicious motives behind LOC Violations


Prof. Abdul Shakoor Shah

Life at LOC is a hell in heaven. The number of ceasefire violations in Azad Kashmir has penetratingly augmented in recent years, and even more dramatically since 2017. The growing number of violations since 2013 threatens atomic war between two nuclear powers. India has violated LoC more than 2000 times compared to 1,299 violations in 2017 and 382 in 2016 shows the aggressive Indian behavior. 2018 casualties are higher than 2017 and 2020 has broken the previous records. India has malicious motives behind targeting innocent civilians. India, by inflicting heavy losses to innocent civilians, aspires to trigger public sentiments against Pak army. India has burned the infrastructure and property of the LoC residents to ashes. The residents have become homeless at their homes. They are living in the shadow of terror. India always chooses soft targets by bombing innocent civilians. India has failed to curb the Kashmir Freedom Movement by force. It is facing heavy losses by Mujahideens in occupied Kashmir. Indian army, as revenge targets civilians at LoC. Indian rhetoric of cross border terrorism has lost its weight, now it is surfing new pretexts to accomplish its heinous motives. India wishes to divert attention from the worsening situation and human right violations in occupied Kashmir by LoC violations. Hindu ideology is the main dynamic force behind Indian atrocities and brutalities against Kashmiries on both sides. Hindu ideology of strife and conflict with its neighbors has cut India off from its neighbors. Modi’s Hindu mind set and Indian establishment has pushed India far from the margin of negotiation and realigning with its neighbors. The Hindu concept of greater India and Asian supremacy has compelled the smaller Asian states to align with China. India is scuffling with Pakistan and China because the two states are the major hurdle in Indian dream of Asian dominance. The other smaller non nuclear Asian states can easily be gulped up by Hindu monsters. After the USSR, India is daydreaming Asian domination under the US umbrella. Indian dare is muscled by the US and Israel collectively to hinder Pak China intimate relations and CPEC, which is going to be Asian Trojan Horse in the region. The US-Indian ties to stop Chinese influence have taped the Indian shoulder to get ahead in its villainous goals against Pakistan by inflicting state backed cold war. India is also trying to keep the US busy in Afghanistan by generating unrest and terrorism to ensure its cynical interests because Indian knows well, if once the US is out from Asia, Indian schemes will crush to ground. After The US-Taliban peace agreement, India is financing terrorism in Afghanistan for its ulterior motives. India has failed on the international front in convincing the international community on Kashmir issue that is why it has forged an illegal provision to sabotage its own constitution by abrogating 270 and 35A. India has also cut a sorry figure on table talk with Pakistan, so it is trying its utmost to keep on violating LoC so that there remains no chance of dialogue resumption. On one hand India has no justification for abrogating 35A and 270 and on the other no flexibility on Kashmir issue from Pakistani side. By violating LoC, India is not only killing the innocent civilians but also pushing toward a nuclear flash point which will sabotage world peace along with regional disasters. The world can never be safe and peaceful if there is unrest and clouds of war in Asia. The US-Indian ties are losing balance of power in the region which will be catastrophic for the US-Indian interests. In case of war, the global community will not suffer less than the two arch-rivals. Indian is also putting its foreign investment at risk by adding violating LoC. The international investors will face trillions of dollar loss if the war breaks out. The international community runs to the forefront for negotiation if their interests are in jeopardy, but they never take it seriously to insert their sincere energy and efforts to resolve the long standing nuclear flash point Kashmir. Indian Loc violation has pushed the residents to inferno. The India bombardment has put their winter fuel to ashes which means the residents will freeze to death. The dry grass put to shack has been burned by Indian rocketing, which means the animals will die of hunger and starvation. In Neelum valley, without a house and fuel means without life. The frozen weather does not allow tenting or camping because of heavy snowfall in the valley. The animals, which are the main source of livelihood have been gunned down and shelled by the Indian bombardment. Neelum Valley road, the only route to connect the valley was blocked by India for more than a decade. During this 3000 civilians were martyred and more than 5000 were injured. There are hardly few families who have withstood havoc and barbarism of Indian bombardment. Life at LoC is uncertain and unpredictable. The people have fallen victim to psychological complication due to fatalities of life and property. The residents are between the devil and the deep sea, from one side Indian army is shelling, on the other side they are out in the open to Indian guns without shelters and shell proof bunkers. On Indian side the population has been withdrawn five miles away from LoC while on Pakistani side the civilians are open to Indian guns. Residents of LOC are compelled and strained by the Cold war imposed by Indian army. According to the Interim Constitution Act, it is the basic and primary duty of the State and elected MLA of the concerned constituency/ District of LOC to take steps for the safety of the mob by constructing the shell proof community dugout at LOC. Civilians have no capacity to put up the shell proof bunker for their families to aegis during the Indian bombardment. Construction of Community bunkers has become life breath for residents of LoC. -The writer is Prof. in English and Freelance Columnist, bsed in Lahore.


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