Forced Conversion, conspiracy against Pakistan


Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan

Since long Western and Indian Media, having specific motives to black paint Pakistan, is publishing false, fabricated, and concocted reports that in Pakistan every month average 25 Hindu and Christian girls become victims of forced conversion and the document behind all this Propaganda is a baseless article managed to be prepared by an NGO. The Propaganda finds it roots in 2010 when some NGO’s raised hue and cry that in Sindh every month almost 25 Hindu and Christian girls are abducted and forcibly made to embrace Islam and all such false reports depend on a single report of Rabia Ali, which is quoted in every article. All reports of NGO’s rest on an exclusive source of Rabia Ali. Allegations of forced conversion have no substantive backing except the Rabia Ali’s biased version. The reports of NGO’s about forced conversions have no mention of names and addresses of victims and parents of forced faith conversion. Having a blind faith on this report the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in 2010included it in its own report and relying on this biased report published it on its website, furthermore this baseless report was endeavored to be the base of every report published by NGO’s of the West and having Indian orientation. Even United Nations, referring to this report of Pakistan NGO’s “Shirkat Gah” published its own biased report to stir the worldwide awareness that every month from 15 to 25 girls are made forcible victims of faith conversion. Ironically making the source of this figure of 25 forcible conversions the Pakistan National Commission for justice and peace declared that in past tweleve years 1791 girls became the victim of forcible conversion of faith. In this report, the concrete base was the same concocted report of Rabia Ali. Human Rights commission announced in 2014 that as per press reports collected by the Commission it has been come to the limelight that almost one thousand forcible conversion cases have been traced. This report has been published in Human rights Monitor. The website which was prepared for tracing authenticity had no details of conversions. When all such false reports of almost 25 forcible conversions became famous, then NGO’s namely Shirkat Gah, MSP and SAP made hue and cry and forwarded these figures in their reports. Asian Human rights commission, also, published a report in 2015 that 25 forcible conversions per mensem have been proved in Pakistan, amongst them the Christian girls were also quoted to be innumbers 624. A concocted, baseless story was conveyed all over world media and it was portrayed as the most glazing truth of the world, while ground facts and realities were contrary to the count and figures as having no substantive single occurrence of forcible conversion. It is most embarrassing to note that as per fresh figures presented by the NGO’s and Commissions the figure of 25 forcible conversions per months all around the country are stated in one District Umar Kot only. All these false reports have been embellished by colorful charts. The ground reality is that so far only 3 to four couples have embraced Islam with their own sweet will and consent and with the presentation of these colorful charts, Pakistan has been black painted at the charge of forcible faith conversion.When proof of such reports are questioned then they revert back to the false report of Rabia Ali. All such reports are reproduced by biased Hindutva followers to malign Pakistan for conversion. Till 2020 almost 30 Lac tweets were produced to malign Pakistan. BJP presented 4 Lac 14 thousand videos on social media with rating in lakhs. A German Scholar Juergen Schaflechiner has unveiled the truth in his research in the words: that I worked on the issue of forcible conversion but amazingly I did not find a single case of it and still I am without aproof of even a single faith conversion occurrence. Going back to 15 years back in history Khalid Rehman of institute of policy studies published in Urdu the Elizbeth Liagin’s book Excessive force: “Power Politics and Population control” Elizibeth Liagin had published this book in 1996 and exploredand unveiledthe conspiracy of European countries and American Lobby initiated different Programmes with hidden intents to control the population initially of the world and consequently the Muslim population. This book disappeared from all book shops all around the globe. Later on the Urdu Translation of Khalid Rehman also, disappeared in the same mysterious way. Recently Khalid Rehman’s institution has published a report consisting of 78-pages, which unveiled the poisonous propaganda of west to malign Pakistan for forced conversions.

(-The writer is author of English book on politics, columnist, freelance journalist based in Lahore.)


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