Deterioration Education System


Aqsa M.Assa

SHAL Turbat,Kech

A qualified teacher has an essential role in building a child’s career and encouraging students towards education. Teachers are the most important characters of the society in every sectors. They give guidelines to the students.  In past there were well qualified students just because of their teachers, but in this era neither student looks qualified nor teacher both are in the same boat . Moreover, right now    unqualified teachers are increasing with their degrees.  According to the reports 60%  governmental  teachers are involved in educational institutions with lack of knowledge  how can they construct students’ career and future. Teachers are themselves not trained .An unqualified  teacher can be an insect like termite which can eat the education system gradually. Students are not satisfied with their teachers. So it is humble request to the education minister that  teachers have to be selected of NTS based and they must be trained properly  to save the future of education of Pakistan.


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