Letters to the editor



Miserable beggars

Pushing beggars and considering them animals is a sign of inhumanity and selfishness of Turbat’s people . Actually, beggars are also human being and they can be seen begging infront of markets to restore alms from another people. Firstly, we have to think why have they made beggars because no one desire to be a beggar in his childhood . Surely the main reason behind this is poverty and unemployment which are two immense problems of our country.Beggars mostly walk one location to another location for getting three times food but our behaviours make them realize that they are not human. As a resident of Turbat City I appeal to the government to establish houses for needy people. -Malik Naaz Nazir Shal Academy Turbat Kech

Lack of scholorships in Balochistan

Balochistan is full of natural resources and can be the richest province of Pakistan, but unfortunately it is the poorest one. The reason being backward is all because hiding the scholorships from the students who even can’t efford high education. Scholorships can be the greatest sources for them to come up and become the pride of their nation. Unluckily, they are unable to maintain their studies all alone and compelled to work part time. Likewise, neither they are capable to work nor study. Therefor, government is requested to solve this problem as soon as possible in order to save future. -Sassi Nazir Ahmed SHAL, Turbat Kech

Illiteracy in village areas of Balochistan.

The word “illiteracy” means the inability to read and write. As we all know that Balochistan is very rich in natural resources but it is backward in literacy due to government’s unawareness. Education is the basic right of human being but ,unfortunately, the village people are not getting it completely due to lack of schools and facilities. There are some schools which are in such a condition there a person can’t sit and read. Mainly, there is no teacher in schools , they sit at home and get their salary, who are destroying the lives of children. At last I want to request the government of Balochistan to take serious steps on this issue as soon as possible. -Ismail Yousuf Turbat Kech

Scarcity of water in Pakistan

The world ecosystem has been furnish under the ground of using various types of water from the lakes or rivers . In a bad way , it is impacting health more than two billions people suffered from serious diseases such as polio and typoid. If the government makes new tecnologies in the country which plays the greatest role for the development of the country, surely no any country stops the nation from the highest peak of development. Due to unavailability of this condition, reconized 8 most rivers got polluted. And 700 million people do not have sufficient water for using . The SDG system and allocating funds there will be a better way to bring a great tickic for public health. Exess amount of power of the societies can support eliminating unemployment poverty which are the revolution. -Sangeen Ali Akbar Turbat Kech



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