Ozone Layer Damaged


Naheema Meer Umrani
No one concur with my opinion but it is the true fact that the main reason of ozone layer,climate change and global warming and surely cutting down the trees in a massive scale is called deforestation. The magnitude of the impacts warrants seriously looking into the responsible factors for emissions in order to devise effective strategies to cope with this peril. There are many sources/agents which are responsible for emissions of green house gases – resulting mainly from the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. Industrial processes, power generation, transportation and domestic consumption of fossil fuels are major sources of anthropogenic emission. Unfortunately, the fossil fuel ,oil,coal, natural gas supply 85 per cent of energy supply whereas the clean forms of energy i.e. nuclear , biomass and hydrogen only form 15 per cent of energy supply.On the other hand, cutting of trees for settlements and natural fire incidents like the summer fire in Australia and unusual fire in Russia in 2010,due to high temperatures, are also causing deforestation at massive level. In this way the forests, which are major source of balancing CO2, are also decreasing resulting in its increase in the atmosphere..For deforestation definately human are liable hence human cut down the trees for their own profit and needs. There is big difference between cutting and growing. If they want to cut trees ,they have to grow as well more and more plants and trees for making the environmental surrounding and safety of ozone layer. The fresh report discloses that the ozone layer is being damaged due to global warming and climate change which are birthed by deforestation. Due to global warming glaciers are going to be melted and sea level is increasing day by day. It will be dangerous news for those people who are related to sea. Also factories are the main reason behind destruction of ozone layer. Factories whose smoke make a blanket to affect the ozone layer are producing large size of smoke without and fear. Actually they are not cognizant towards alarming threats of destruction of ozone layer,global warming and climate change .If ozone layer damaged, it will affect the earth and its strong rays will destroy the human beings . The strong rays are known as alternative radiation . Due to this also global warming occurs. Cholorfluororbans is a poisonous gas which is released from air conditions and refrigerator and these make the ozone layer damaged . However experts uttered that now ozone layer have a thinny hole . The harmful ultraviolet radiation of sun reaches to the earth and many diseases will be causing many perilous diseases such as skin cancer in humans. Furthermore, these ultraviolet radiation are most harmful for plants and animals as well. We the human are the responsible for instructing such threatening issues. If entire world human think curbing the unbridled the human activities ,then it can be a better solution for curbing the problem of climate change . Past is witnessed that people were not that mush kicked the bucket and victim of hair raising viruses and diseases but in the present era no any single person look safe from any kind of diseases this is the reason that “As you sow , so shall you reap” it means man has to accept what he had done.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Turbat.)



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