Polio Vaccination

Misra Mohammad Assa
Polio is an infection that can cripple the people in the shape of paralysis and kill them.Pakistan is classified as endemic for wild poliovirus, and as of November 13th there have been 68 new polio cases reported. Pakistan is included with another country where presence of polio can be seen a threat to its complete civilization . Polio is a dangerous virus that make the children cripple and the paralysed children choose the appropriate work begging. Pakistan has struggled a lot for the eradication of poliovirus .However, from the beginning it was estimated that 20,000 cases annually reported from various parts of the country in Pakistan. In 2019,it was said that the virus has brought 144 cases of polio across all provinces of Pakistan which shares border with Afghanistan and Afghanistan is still suffering from the threat of poliovirus. The polio mostly affects the young generation to make them paralysed and snatches their fundamental rights,childhood and enjoyment of life. One of the main reasons due to what polio increases is terrorism and their threats to the polio workers who have been killed but their killers were not brought behind the bars. Our judicial system looks so weak to save the workers’ life by giving them security while they vaccinate polio drops door to door. Owing to this in Pakistan large number of polio workers are decreasing. Secondly, religious concept and Mullah and Molvi who are the biggest hurdle stand on the way of eradication of polio have inculcated rumours in public minds that polio vaccine is infertility chemical that reduces the sexual power of men. Furthermore, the workers have considered the agents of foreign countries that they are our enemies in order that administrating polio drops can be an amazing excuse to play possum with people. Actually their thinking is stereotype. These all allegations and misconception are man-made and fiction. Rest of the world have eradicated polio except Pakistan and Afghanistan . Pakistan is trying to root out polio but due to certain reasons eradication of poliovirus has never been the priority of any politicians. Media’s responsibility is to circulate news regarding polio virus which is hazardous but media is looked running behind politicians. In this case media is not showing liability for eradicating polio virus. To root out polio virus government should ban people visiting those places where polio exists. Polio workers have to be given strict security while vaccinating polio city to city. Pakistan faced plenty of dilemmas due to polio.

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