Ghazi Ilam Din Shaheed


Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan
At the assassination of Hindu Rajpal at the hands of Ghazi Ilam Din Allama Muhammad Iqbal expressed himself in the words: The son of a carpenter had left us far behind and won the love of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). It has been declared by the Last Messenger of Allah Almighty that none can profess to be true Muslim unless he endear Muhammad (SAW) more than all his relatives, even himself. A notorious Hindu Book seller Raj Pal in Urdu Bazar Lahore wrote a defamed and most cursed book “Rangeela Rasool”, which flared up and ignited Muslim sentiments into fast spreading flames. Raj Pal was tried under section 153/A Hind Penal Code and he was sentenced imprisonment in Jan, 1927 but in May 1927 High Court acquitted him of the charge. His acquittal of the charge enraged the Muslim Community of India. His acquittal again flared up Muslim sentiments all across the country. Ghazi Ilam Din resident of Mohallah Sarianwala Son of Taleh Mand Cast Carpenter purchased a knife from a shop of Atma Ram and the same day he reached the shop of Raj Pal and attacked him with the knife and stabbed on his head, chest and finally in his heart, resultantly the most maligned Raj Pal succumbed to the deadly wounds at the spot. Two workers of Raj Pal’s shop alongwith other by passers caught Ghazi Ilam Din and police was called and a case under section 302 was registered in Police Station, Anarkali. The case took the lawful course and after trial proceedings session court announced death sentence to the lover of the Last Prophet Muhammad (MPHM). The case No. 105/1929 was tried in the court of sessions judge J.K.M. Tap. After the death verdict of the court of JKM Tap the Muslims of India sought the right of appeal in High Court. High Court after trial maintained the verdict of sessions court and declared “the death punishment is endorsed”. During trial Ghazi Ilam Din Shaheed was kept in Mianwali Jail and after the death sentence the lover of the Last Messenger of Allah was hanged to death. His dead body was buried in the custody of the officials which fanned religious sentiments of the Muslims all across the India. Muslim Leaders waged a hectic campaign against the condemnable act of government and ultimately brought the dead body of Ghazi Sahib to Lahore. The true lover of the Holy Prophet was laid to rest in Miani Sahib Graveyard. A large number of people having faith in the Almighty Allah and his last Prophet Muhammad (MPBM) visit daily the tomb of Ghazi Ilam Din Shaheed to derive inspiration from the love of Ghazi Ilam Din Shaheed with the Last Prophet. Ghazi Ilam Din Shaheed is a legendary example of love with the Last Prophet which ignite the sentiments of Muslims to have extreme faith in the oneness of Allah Almighty and Muhammad (MPBM) being His Last Prophet. Life of the mundane world is to pass sooner or later but our deeds will remain in the world as living lesson for the coming generations. The Lesson of immeasurable and unprecedented love and faith delivered by the Ghazi Ilam Din Shaheed ‘to the coming generations’ will remain alive and indelible in the pages of history in golden words till the last day of the world.

(-The writer is a journalist, author of English Book on current affairs and independent analyst based in Lahore. )


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