America shall never fight against Afghanistan in future?


Jokhio Jasarat Ilyas Sindhi

American elections are ongoing and the game of allegations is top in the news nowadays. Trump the ex-president is allegedly crying against Baiden while international commentators are clearly saying that there is just beating about bushes for Trump. This is a really powerful tool to rule the world by becoming the President of America because the game of being superpower is as old as the history of “Homo sapiens” on the earth planet. History has declared the invaders’ attacks on various valleys only to control the wealth and treasure. Likewise, in the present era of the 21st century, it is America which is invading various nations across the world. In these consequences, Afghanistan and Iraq are worth discussing. Iran is also their importance but they are still alive there. However, their presence in Afghanistan is at risk. From the international media reports, it is known that America has been totally unsuccessful in its 19-year old long war against so called ‘terrorism’ waged in the major Asian country “Afghanistan” which is gateway to Pakistan, India as well as China so USA took interest in it as “it is easy to invade and win there” but, never knew that it is worst even. American Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump all have been announcing their “forceful” win in Afghanistan but, it is totally irrelevant and out of fact because though USA were trying to defeat Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda but their trillions of Dollars budget has not given them such fruitful result as they were expecting to control all the East, West and South Asian regional territories. Studies have proved that Afghanistan is the poorest nation in South Asia where the UN is also willing to donate some millions of Dollars but since the USA is withdrawing its war there, a question arises that will the USA along with its allied powers continue the monetary support to this poorest Asian country? It is evident in Afghanistan that Taliban still exist there but not in that power in which they were in the past. The long war has totally demolished them but still their existence is also a question for not only the USA but also the international community and Afghanistan itself for its political and economic stability. Afghanistan is therefore, of very favourite interest to USA because of its geographical location attached to the Islamic Republics of Iran and Pakistan as well as China for which USA is intended to live in it for long time so that their foots may be strong more and more to cope up any situation against them initiated by any of the Asian countries. Notwithstanding the facts that America officially works for the promotion of terrorism as it expends a mega budget on defence with export of million dollars of weapons and millitary goods to its business-allied countries. It works days and nights for the production of nuclear weapons and aeroplanes to sell out the various nations which are its supporters. It trains with modern technology the trends of wars and occupies national and international masses to come up against Islamic and related minds. However, there are various unsuccessful attempts made by the USA in the past but still there is the ghost of killing and massacre in the mind of Trump to ruin the world. Therefore, I think the complete withdrawal of the USA from Afghanistan seems out of the question in the present situations of global “war community”. Afghanistan is a vantage point for America in the South Asian main region from where the US has been keeping a full check of monitoring Iran and China.

(- The writer is an eminent researcher and teacher.)


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