Goodness leads us toward success


Prof: Abid Ali Shah
A long time ago an old man and a young boy were travelling together. While talking to each other, the young boy said to the man, “Waja where are you going”? “I am going to a city to bring something for my shop”, Said the old man. The young became shocked and thought that he had a lot of money. The same time old man asked “my youngest dear what is your occupation”? He responded, “Waja some are behind goodness someone are badness, but I myself is searching someone” said the boy. The old man nicely answered that, “if you are behind goodness then May God bless you but if you are behind badness then God demolish your whole life”. Because old man wanted to tell him that if he had any intentions on him then he would never be successful. The same way a question raised in the mind of the boy, “the one who does cruelty to other”? Answered by old man, “still everyone should do goodness for it. Because badness will not be eradicated by badness even it would increase and finisher of badness is goodness”. On the other hand, when he listened his voice he directly attacked over the old man. He injured his complete body and snatched his all money. Said the old man with pain “what wrong did I do to you that you snatched my money”? But, with the passage of time replied by young boy, “Goodness is indispensable and keep goodness inside your heart Allah-e-mayare”. The old man who has been beaten by snatcher, he could not move heather and thither since day was heading towards the night. But old man thought before night he needed to move towards a town but when he stands up to move somewhere he saw a mountain which has a cave. The same time he thought due wild animals, he needed to be protected in that cave till the next day and at dawn he would go home. When he reached the cave after some minutes, a wolf came inside the same cave where the old man had hidden himself. Due wolf, old man felt fear and sat down at a corner. Behind the wolf another animal came same cave namely fox after this a bloodthirsty lion comes inside it. Even old man felt sweat where he saw them. A lion asked the fox, “how do you do”? “What should I say”? Said the fox, “from morning till now I have been sitting on the mountain of a city but still nothing I received”.  The lion asked, “ did you take something or not without empty abdomen you were sitting on the mountain like a police”? The fox laughed and said, “Nothing I ate and the entire day I passed with mountain because inside it the king’s treasure is buried. When I sit there my hunger and thirst got finished”. Once again lion turned its face towards the wolf and asked, “Did you hunt something or not”? Wolf replied, “I did not see king treasure.  Even before some day’s one herd and one sheep I saw nobody can eat its feet by hand. Even it is a fact that, the skin of sheep is the treatment of seven diseases. But what should I do? The first thing is that a shepherd awoke and his herd has a bloodthirsty dog behind his herd.” The old man was listening to their views attentively. While he listened their points, he forgot his complete fear. After this, fox said to the lion, “you should convey your ideas”. Replied by lion, “I found a stream owing to it my complete tiredness got finished and became fresh”.  After this, fox said, “lets follow our ways till morning from now nothing we took may be outside we might achieve something to finish our hunger”. After discussion they left cave. The old man understood their aims are not meaningless. Let me at the first bathe in stream and their whole truths would come out. At morning time old man came out from the cave towards stream. After bathing his thirst and hunger got finished as well as he became fresh. From this he imagined their other words would not be wrong. Instead of going towards home he went to a city. Before reaching mountain, he saw some soldiers of the kingdom who were looking for a doctor because king girl was not fine. The whole doctors treated well but still she was not fine if anybody treats king girl then kingdom would reward him or her.  The old man discussed about king girl treatment. They asked the old man, “Would you treat her well? If you become unsuccessful then king is an emotional man”. Replied the old man, “God is the treater you should take me towards the king”. When he entered the palace, king said, “many of doctors were unsuccessful who treated my girl. Now I can’t believe on any doctors”. Old man said, “Badshah salamath! You should take me to the patient’s room whatever God demands that will be”. They took him inside the patient’s room, he observed patient well and said to king. “I know the treatment of your girl, but I need much money and some soldiers from you that I should bring a sheep”. Said by king, “whatever he demands should be given”. An old man with some soldiers left the king towards herd where he listened fox views. After one hour, they found herd and asked to shepherd, “how much does sheep cost”? The shepherd did not agree to sell it. Meanwhile old man said, “King’s girl is too much serious. Would you sell it or not they will take it by force”? Said by old man. Once again the shepherd asked, “How much money will you give”? One thousand said by old man.

When he heard one thousand, he became glad and gave his sheep to them with happy face. Old man took it to Kingpalace and sacrificed as well-worn the goat skin in Kinggirl and said till now to tomorrow it must be wear.  When second day skin was taken out, she became completely fine and king appreciated him and gave him a lot of money as well a reward, but asked again, “what do you need more’’? Old man said, “Near the town, I need to build a room just I need your permission”? The same time king permitted him. When old man reached city, he takes some workers directly and started the work of room above the mountain. After some days, they completed the task of the wall. But the next day he took a hammer and again started digging in earth inside of that room till morning to evening he was digging, after five days he received the treasure. When he found it, he became happy and brought his family. But the old man is an open handed man his home was always full of guests. One day young boy, where he wounded and beaten the old man, he came to old man home. The same time old man knew him, but young boy did not know old man. Old man took him to his home. When boy wanted to go old man gave him expensive clothes and some money. When boy saw these, he became shocked and asked the old man, “Why are you doing goodness with me”? Said by old man, “Do you know me, that who I am”. He shared his entire experiences with young boy.  After leaving the old man, he moved towards the cave to hear the views of animals to be rich. He sits in the cave and waiting for them. When they came inside of cave, lion asked to wolf, “How are you”? It is well answered by wolf, “after few days I am not looking the sheep, may be shepherd sold it”. After this, a lion asked to wolf, “you should tell me your circumstances”? Wolf said, “When I sit before over that mountain from which my hunger and thirst got finished, but it went from the hands of mine and over the mountain a stranger man built a room as well I cannot go near”. The same time fox said to lion, “What about your stream”? It answered great way, “my stream miracle get finished, because when I sink inside of it, my hunger and thirst can never got finished”. A wolf discussed with them, “while we were discussing with each other may be one listened our points. Let move to see around we would get awareness”. When they start investigation in the deep of cave, they saw a young boy as well they took him and ate together.

(-The writer is a student of Government Atta Shad Degree College Turbat.)


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