Chair KC-EU Ali Raza Syed condemns raids on residences of Khuram Pervaiz and other HR activists in IOK


Brussels, (Parliament Times): Chairman Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Ali Raza Syed has strongly condemned the raids conducted by the Indian authorities on offices and residences of prominent human rights activities including Khurram Pervaiz and Perveena Ahangar in Srinagar today.
The media reported on Wednesday that the Indian National Investigating Agency (NIA) has conducted simultaneous raids at multiple locations in Srinagar including the residences of human rights activists including Khurram Pervaiz, the Chair of Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD)  and Program Coordinator of Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) and office of Association of Parents for Disappeared Persons (APDP) founded by Perveena Ahangar and as well as offices and residences of some of the journalists. Greater Kashmir is among the newspaper, which office was targeted by NIA. Earlier, office of Kashmir Times in Srinagar was sealed a few days ago. In a statement expressing serious concerns over the situation, Chair of KC-EU Ali Raza Syed said, we strongly condemned the raids. He added, India is targeting the Kashmiri human rights activists and journalists who play impartial role in order to raise the real picture of human rights in occupied Kashmir. Chair of KC-EU said, Khurram Pervaiz has an international distinction due to his great efforts for human right in occupied Kashmir and Perveena Ahangar along with another human rights activist Pervaiz Imroz has so far received Norwegian “RAFTO” award for her services to the humanity in the
occupied Kashmir. Ali Raza Syd said, this shameful act is a severe violation of international norms and basic principles of human rights and freedom of press and freedom of expression.
He praised the human rights activities and the journalists who are engaged in
revealing the facts about severe situation prevailing specially exposing a large
scale human right violations in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK).
Expressing solidarity with human rights activists and journalists of occupied
Kashmir, he said, we really admire the struggle of Kashmiri human rights activities and media people who highlight the truth despite of risk on their life in IOK. Chair of KC-EU urged the World influential governments and world major human rights organizations to to take serious notice of the Indian aggressive steps and to pressurize India to avoid such actions against the human rights activities and journalists based in IOK.


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