Health levy: No objection to imposition of health levy says FBR



Islamabad, (Parliament Times) : Pakistan National Heart Association ( Panah) application related to the Health Levy case was heard on Tuesday, October 27, in the presence of Senior Adviser to the Federal Ombudsman, Rana Seerat, in which General Secretary of Panah Sanaullah Ghumman and Secretary FBR Fakhria Anjum appeared. In his position, General Secretary of Panah Sanaullah Ghumman said that tobacco and sugary drinks are one of the major causes of various diseases including heart and cancer. The Health Levy Bill was approved by the Prime Minister and the Federal Cabinet but was not included in the Finance Bill.

The FBR said in a written statement that the FBR has no objection to the imposition of health levy. We have written to the Ministry of Health to give us a draft law on imposition of health tax, which despite a reminder from the Health Ministry, no response has been received yet.

After learning the position of the FBR, the Federal Ombudsman issued a written notice to the Federal Ministry of Health asking the Health Minister to appear before the Federal Ombudsman and state his position.

Later, General Secretary Sanaullah Ghumman while speaking on the occasion said that now the ball is in the coat of the Ministry of Health and we have high hopes from the Health Advisor to PM Dr. Faisal Sultan that he will play his positive role.