PUCAR arranges Photo Exhibition to highlight Indian atrocities



Rawalpindi, (Parliament Times) : Punjab Council of the Arts arranged a photo exhibition regarding Indian atrocities on Kashmiries to observe Kashmir Black Day. Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Soori inaugurated the photo exhibition. Deputy Speaker Qasim khan Soori addressing at the occasion said that 27th October is Black day in the history of Kashmir. On this day in 1947, Indian forces illegally occupied the Kashmir territory. Kashmiries had been fighting for independence from last 70 years, he added. In last few years the independence movement in Kashmir seen enormous progress. Soon, the people of Kashmir will get independence from India. Pakistan will always support Kashmir cause through political and diplomatic ties. Pakistan has highlighted the Kashmir issue in the world under the keen leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. United Nations, European Union and other international bodies should take action against Indian barbarianism in Indian occupied Kashmir. Indian army is busy in genocide against Kashmiries, he added. Director Waqar Ahmed said that, Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan. Kashmir safety is the guarantee is of safe and sound Pakistan. The People of Pakistan are standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Kashmir in their independence movement. Soon, the Kashmiries will celebrate their independence with great zeal and zest. Hundreds of people from different of life visit the arts Council to see the photo exhibition. A special prayer was offered for the independence of Kashmir from India.