A wise Decision


Prof. Imtiaz Ali Jatoi
What a happy moment for all teachers of Sindh has been when Honourable Sindh High Court ,Karachi in its final decision issued that no any any Ex-Cadre officers be allowed to continue their services as TEOs Taulka Education Officers , DEOs, Deputy Education Officers in Education Department. They are not only paid heavily but they have no professional skills like those who spend tons of years in relative field. Management Cadre in Education Department was introduced on experimental basis in 2014 by then Education Secretary who had little knowledge about the affairs of Education . From the final comments of judgment Honourable Sindh High Court, Karachi has clearly mentioned that “Education is s field where not only things are to be managed by keeping in view the psyche of the children which can be understood by none but a teacher”. Besides the Honourable Court has also directed Sindh Education Department to render services on administration posts from well educationists so as to rectify the shortcomings in education. I personally as a teacher of education welcome this great verdict of Honourable Court because it will have much positive impacts on education of our province in coming years.